Netanyahu’s days as PM of Israel could be over. Here’s Why!

Benjamin Netanyahu's term as PM could be over very soon.
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Benjamin Netanyahu has been Israel’s Prime minister for 12 years. He is the longest-serving country’s PM. But now Netanyahu’s days as PM of Israel could be over. Why? Because Netanyahu’s party “Lukid” failed to secure the absolute majority to form the government on its own. Now, the war of words and alliance-making has begun.

There are three major players in this current scenario:

1) Netanyahu, representing the Lukid party.

2) Bennet, representing Yamina party.

3) Lapid, representing Yesh Atid Party.

How Netanyahu’s days as Israel’s PM could be over?

Israel has Proportional Representation Electoral System. In this system, it is difficult to secure a decisive majority. Alliances will smaller parties are necessary to get the required majority to form a government. It was the fourth indecisive vote in Two years and Netanyahu failed to win the decisive majority. And now, Netanyahu failed to secure an alliance with other parties.

Netanyahu's Term is in danger.
Netanyahu’s presidential era is in danger.

The media is reporting now that Mr. Bennet and Mr. Lapid are allying. If this happens, it will be the end of Netanyahu’s term. They both have time till 2 June to formally form their coalition. With this coalition, the alliance will have the required majority to form the government. It is now being reported that it will be a “Rotation agreement.” Firstly, Mr bennet will become Prime Minister and then he will hand the government to Mr. Lapid.

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How Netanyahu is trying to save his PM term?

Seeing his term living its last days, Netanyahu is trying his best to not let this happen. He has requested the Right-Wing members in other parties not to vote for the alliance. He further said that this coalition will be a threat to Israel’s security.

Bennet Justified this new coalition in an address. He said that Jews lost their state 2000 years ago due to internal fights and that he will not let this happen again. That is why he is down for an alliance between The Right, The Centrist, and the Left sections. This alliance is yet to be formally announced. So, Netanyahu’s days as PM of Israel could be over.

What could be the future of this New Coalition?

Critics are stating that this coalition government is going to be an unstable one. Why? Because the ideological differences in them are way too much. That is why it will be very hard for them to compromise on sensitive issues.

Furthermore, Yamina Party leaders had previously declared that they will not join hands with Yesh Atid Party. So, it will be interesting to see how they will now join hands and work on important country’s issues. Time Will Tell!

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