National Pretzel Day | 2022

National Pretzel Day | 2022
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If you’re keen on a cracker, then National Pretzel Day on April twenty-six is your day. Pretzels, somewhat astonishingly, got their beginning within the Christian church. Someday around the Seventh century A.D., monks gave their students treats of baked dough twisted within the form of crossed arms. At the time, crossing one son’s arms was the normal posture for prayer. Not solely that, however, pretzels, made of water, flour, and salt, were conjointly the proper food for Lent — once meat, dairy, and eggs were prohibited. Thus, you’ve got some National Pretzel Day history with a twist!

National Pretzel Day Activities

National Pretzel Day Activities
National Pretzel Day Activities

Go Bavarian

Did you like AN excuse to move to your nearest ”Biergarten”? You’ve got one currently. What higher thanks to showcasing pretzels than with smart mustard, beer, and friends?

Pretzel crawls.

Several restaurants and bars in your space show off their cracker art. Why not create an evening of it and look at the native options?


Watch one of the numerous YouTube videos and make your pretzels. You will be left feeling glad at the top.

Why do we tend to love National Pretzel Day?

One word: Carbs

There’sThere’s one thing oh-so-satisfying regarding the carby insides, the luscious exterior crust, the firm salt on prime. Pretzels collect a bunch of style sensations that create an awfully pleasant snack—any time of day.

Two words: Dipping sauce

Pretzels are fun to eat. Arduous or soft, and on their own. However, they head to a successive level once you try them with pasta, bechamel, mustard, and chocolate.

They’reThey’re low-cost, too.

Where you’re you’re, most pretzels do not price over $5. whether or not you are at the park, office, or mall — this handy snack will power you thru the day.

National Pretzel Day Durations

2022TuesdayApril 26
2023WednesdayApril 26
2024FridayApril 26
2025SaturdayApril 26
2026SundayApril 26
National Pretzel Day Durations

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