National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 9 January

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 9 January
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National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day commemorates 9 January each year. On this day, we publicly show our love to the police, whether they are our family members or friends; that is how their duty is onerous. Every Law Enforcement Officer has chosen a pathway to dedicate their lives to the community. Their tasks are often thankless, and they are always away from their home for long hours. They often coordinate with states, federal, and local, and their duty needs command and determination. Are you curious to get incredible and exciting information about National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day? Stay energized and connected with us?

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day History 

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Proclamation
National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Proclamation

   Several Organizations grouped at a platform in 2015 to create National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, mainly thanks to those officers who sacrifice daily for the development of their community. Some organizations which support the observance of Law Enforcement Day are:

  •  National Troopers Coalition
  • International Conference of Chaplains
  • National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
  • Law Enforcement United
  • Officer Down Memorial Page
  • International Association of Chief of Police
  • Fraternal Order of Police
  • FBI National Academy Associates
  • Concerns of Police Survivors

Since the opening ceremony, many agencies have joined Law Enforcement. Their joining purpose is to spread awareness and consciousness among people. And respect all those Law and Enforcement Officers. 

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Durations

2022Sunday9 January
2023Monday9 January
2024Tuesday 9 January
2025Thursday9 January
2026Friday9 January
National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Durations

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Statistics

  • Residents celebrating the National Night Out having Local Law Enforcement were 2.5 million.
  • United States Mint Police contained 292 Police Officers
  • In 2017; officers feloniously killed were 46
  •  In 2008, high number of all the time Law Enforcement Officers were 708,569
  • In 2013, the lowest number of Law Enforcement Officers were 626,942 
  • The time spent to enforce criminal law by police officers is ⅓
  • In 2017, female officers killed were 9 in number while having the duty

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Traditions

As indicated by the name, the National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day tradition expresses hat tips to local law enforcement. Wear Blue Dress in solidarity with police officers. Please send a card or write a letter to your local law enforcement department to appreciate their services for law enforcement. Share their services and sacrifices on social media to encourage them. Abide by law strictly to help them improve the implementation of criminal law. On the federal and state level, huge ceremonies are organized to award the prizes.

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Activities 

 Volunteering Local Crime Stoppers Programs:

The Law Enforcement Agencies hold crime Stoppers programs. To do all that, they need funds and donations. We can help in raising funds. Some agencies contain their headquarters designed by the local community to address all the crime and crime reports in a specific area.

Support, Wear Blue:

Wearing blue supports local law enforcement officers; you perform on social media outlets. You can change your cover photo or profile picture by applying blue lining and a somewhat logo. To some extent, not every person personally knows police officers; that’s why social media is an excellent tool to do that.

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