Mob Attacked a TikTok Girl at Minar-e- Pakistan | FIR Filed

Mob attacked a TikTok Girl in Lahore | FIR lodged
⟶ Mob has attacked a girl and her friends in Lahore
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Another day, another incident of harassment is reported in Pakistan. This time, it is from Lahore. On 14 August, a mob attacked a TikTok Girl in Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore. The mob was of 300–400 men which assaulted and groped a woman and her friends near Minar-e-Pakistan. Not only the mob attacked them, but also they stole things from them and tore their clothes.

When the video went viral, the Minar-e-Pakistan incident girl video trended on Twitter. On 18 August, Top 4 trends in Pakistan were related to this incident. The Minar-e-Pakistan incident girl’s name is Ayesha Akram. She has lodged an FIR against these unidentified men and is also giving interviews to present the true story of what happened and what should be done more to increase women’s safety. Read the whole incident from the assaulted girl herself.

Ayesha Akram Interview At Daily Pakistan:

That assaulted Girl Ayesha Akram gave the interview to Yasir Shami of Daily Pakistan and Iqrar-ul-Hassan. She said when she was making a video, some men came for selfies. Then, men started to gather and started assaulting her. She further said a time came when she wanted to dive in a deep well.

She said the mob tortured and abused her from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Moreover, She said she was stripped and her dress was torn.

She further went on to say that she was not wearing anything obscene. She was wearing proper clothes which were bought for 14 August Independence day. Ayesha clarified that she was celebrating Independence day by making a video where the Pakistan Resolution was passed in 1940.

Talking about the Police, Ayesha said she called the police many times when that mob attacked them. But the police did not arrive on time.

When Yasir Shami asked how she was saved, She replied a child saved her and her friends. A child came for her help and shouted at the crowd. It is sad to know that when there were hundreds of men, she was saved by a child.

She demanded the government to take strict measured for women’s safety.

Iqrar ul Hassan was also there at the interview. He saluted Ayesha Akram that she lodged FIR instead of staying quiet. He expressed his sorrow and anger that why no men came for her help.

Upon asking the question that she deserved this because she was a TikToker, Iqrar ul Hassan got angry and showed the mirror to Pakistani men. He apologized that he is going to say these words but thanked God that he has no daughter as of yet after what has happened in Lahore.

FIR Registered Against the Mob who Attacked the TikTok Girl:

Ayesha told the police that she was making a video with her friends in the Greater Iqbal Park when a mob attacked them. She said she and her friends made a full effort to save themselves from the crowd. Mob of 300–400 followed them and groped them. She said guards were seeing the whole thing. They even opened the enclosure so that we could go there but the mob surrounded them. She further said some men tried to help her but the mob kept tossing her in the air.

Talking about her friends, she said one of my friends’ earrings and Jewellery were stolen by the mob. The crowd also stole 15000 and the Identity card of one of her friends.

FIR has been registered against 400 unidentified men in Lari Adda Police Station, Lahore. It is registered against the mob under sections 354 A (Use of force against women and tearing her clothes), 382 (theft), 147 (riots), and 149 (unlawful assembly).

FIR lodged against the mob.
FIR lodged against the mob.
Source: Bol News

Sajid Kiyani, DIG Operations Lahore, ordered SP to take strict and immediate actions against the culprits. Video is a powerful and pertinent method to trace the people involved in this.

Usman Buzdar has also taken the notice of the incident and has ordered CCPO Lahore to present a report to him.

Pakistanis are Showing their Anger at this Mob Attacking a Girl Incident:

Pakistanis started expressing their anger at this incident on social media. People of Pakistan are witnessing incidents of misogyny one after another.

The cases of Noor Muqaddam and Qurat ul Ain are still being highlighted by the media. Now, a mob has attacked a TikTok girl. A girl tweeted that she carries small scissors to protect herself.

Moreover, In July, a group of men sexually harassed a couple in Islamabad. Those men held them on Gunpoint and abused them. They also recorded this incident and made it viral on social media.

In June, a soul-shaking incident was reported in Fatehpur. A mother was sexually abused and tortured just because her son did love marriage. The family member of that girl whom her son married kidnapped that mother. They sexually abused her and even burned her body with cigarettes.

The news: “Mob Attacked a TikTok Girl in Pakistan” is also making international headlines. Pakistan is considered unsafe for women in the west. Incidents like these really worsen Pakistan’s image on an international level. One good thing is that the woman lodged an FIR against the mob and pressure is on the police to arrest these culprits. Justice must be done so that the incidents of harassment be brought under control.

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