McDonald’s BTS Meal on Sale. Rush to get yours!

McDonald’s BTS Meal on Sale. Rush to get yours!
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Last week, the South Korean superstar band BTS was trending top after launching the English song “Butter.” Here, they are again trending for their collaboration with McDonald’s. BTS army is excited and also disappointed in different parts of the world. Why is there a mixed reaction in the band’s international army members? And where can you find your McDonald’s BTS meal on sale? You will get all the answers and much more exciting news.

BTS meal launched

McDonald launched the band’s collaborated meal on 26th May 2021. However, the limited addition meal is introduced in 11 countries, including the US, Bahamas, and Canada.

And after the launching, there is a sale for a limited time started from 27th May.

The deal includes McNuggets (10 pieces), medium-pack fries, and regular coke. The only new addition to this package is the sweet chili and Cajun dips. These dips are inspired by south Korean recipes, the origin country of our favourite band.

BTS Meal deal
BTS meal’s deal

Where is the BTS meal available?

It is available in 11 countries currently, including South Korea, the US, Canada, and the Bahamas. However, McDonald’s is planning to introduce it in 50 more countries by June 2021.

List of countries shared by McDonald's where they will launch BTS meal
List of countries shared by McDonald’s

BTS Army reacting to it

According to McDonald’s, it’s a never seen before digital surprise for K-pop lovers. However, international fans of K-pop have mixed reactions. In countries where this McDonald’s deal is available, fans are much happy and enjoying the sale. And the fans of countries mentioned in the list are still waiting and hoping to taste it sooner. But, on the other hand, fans from the countries not included in the BTS meal list are condemning. They are saying that it is unfair to exclude them from the list.

And we are surprised to tell you that most Asian countries with huge BTS army, are not on the list. Especially the fans from China, Japan, and Pakistan are disappointed.

BTS army reaction
Source: Twitter

Reviews from fans

Similarly, the countries where this limited-time deal is available also have mixed reviews. Some fans are and posting pictures on social media. They are celebrating the favourite flavour of their K-pop stars.

On the other hand, some fans are not happy with the traditional packaging. In most countries, there is purple packing of the deal as shown in commercials. However, some countries are offering the deal but not with BTS packing. Fans are disappointed and calling it unfair.

Despite all the issues fans are having, they are trying hard to connect with their stars. Even it is just a meal with different dipping, it’s enough for the army to convey their love to their dream guys and ideals.

Let’s know in the comments if you have tried the meal. And if not, you can share grievances in the comments. We are here to sympathise with you.

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