March Madness | March 2022

March Madness | March 2022
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Cinderella Story.

Sweet Sixteen.

Final Four.

Even folks with zero interest in sports the opposite eleven months of the year grasp these terms. March Madness means that everybody includes a likelihood. Well, a minimum of the sixty-eight groups picked for the tournament. Outside of the Super Bowl, it’s simply the most important sporting event on the calendar. Brackets (and workplace pools) offer all folks an opportunity to require half. So who’s your pick? So please stay connected with us, and let’s have an eye view on March Madness.

March Madness Timeline


Adding a lot of colleges

The current sixty-eight-team format is enforced for the NCAA March Madness tournament.


March Madness is Born

The above phrase is employed in respect to the NCAA tournament by CBS broadcaster brent goose Musburger for the primary time.


Ladies get entangled

The NCAA holds its 1st women’s national March Madness tournament.


Getting Started

The first-ever men’s NCAA tournament is controlled.

March Madness Activities


Throw a viewing party

March Madness means that parties. With games being competed all month long, decide a date once your favorite team is enjoying it and invite some friends to observe the sport. Several fans can prepare basketball or college-themed food and drinks or embellish with basketball-themed decorations.

Fill out a bracket

No March celebration is complete while not brackets. They are typically stuffed out among offices or teams of friends, brackets area unit a good thanks to building March Madness even a lot of attention-grabbing. March Madness is unpredictable; thus, generally, the strangest predictions will return true!

Pick a team and watch the games.

Watching the games is an essential part of celebrating March Mad. Decide a team to root for and take part in the fun. Before you recognize it, you’ll be cheering beside lots of alternative fans.

Why do we tend to Love March Madness?


Underdog stories

Who doesn’t love AN loser story? March Mad utilizes a seeding system that sets the stage for AN loser to upset an extremely stratified team every year. Even though you aren’t a genuine fan of school sports or basketball, it’s simple to root for a team that nobody saw coming back.

School spirit

March Mad may be an excellent chance to rekindle some passion for your recent school. With such a large amount of groups concerned within the men’s and women’s tournaments, odds area unit you’ve either attended or have some variety of reference to a minimum of one faculty within the game. Mud off that recent faculty sweater and support your school!

Its single elimination

One of the foremost exciting aspects of March Mad is its single-elimination format. Every team enjoys their life within the tournament; thus, each game matters. Even though you aren’t at home with any of the faculties enjoying the match, it’s simple to induce endowed once each game appears like the finals.

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