Major Events in 2021

Major Events in 2021
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Major Events in 2021: Endings, Closure, and Aftereffects: How the tail of 2021 unfolded on Global Stage

2021 is going to an end. Could you recall 2001? Or 2016? Or even the more the recent year of 2020? 2001, when suicide attackers seized passenger jets and crashed them into landmark buildings in New York and Washington. Then the US, in Afghanistan, launched its ‘War on Terror’ to punish the criminal. The world still stumbled from these events and found itself fixed by the madness of all that happened within a few weeks and at the verge of disorder and discontinuity.

Major Events in 2021
Major Events in 2021

A long worldwide media investigation, held in April 2016, shows off a tangle of offshore financial dealings by the world elites in troves of 11.5 million documents leaked from the Panama-based law firm with the office including 35 countries. QuestionsWhat followed were questions, uproar, more investigations, justifications, denials, and resignations. In addition to this, the saga did not end there, nor did their followed history. The year that carries the legacy of the past years is defined by closures, endings, sequels, and replays on the world stage. Here is a glimpse of the most defining moments of the year 2021.

Major Events in 2021 # Afghanistan Dilemma: Beginning of Collapse but End of War

The departure of the last American troop was marked on August 30, 2021, and an end to a war that continued for two decades, led by the US to punish the culprits of the 9/11 attacks, began in 2001. Taliban took control of the Kabul in the capital, in the presidential palace, by installing themselves here then, one day before the scheduled end of the American mission in war and the fortnight.

The palace’s previous president, Ashraf Ghani, had fled the country hours before the arrival. Thousands of people rushed to the airport and borders hangout by the memories of the strict Taliban rule during their first tenure in power from 1996 to 2001. Afghan citizens were hopeless to escape the country and Taliban rule. People were pushing onto planes and rushing towards the airport. Even more, were left, but many managed to flee.

Furthermore, these stories and horrifying scenes from Afghanistan astonished the World, and new rulers announced the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan on August 19. They also ensured the media freedom, protection of women’s rights, no reprisals, seemingly distancing themselves from their previous tenure in power.

In short, the Taliban announced an all-male interim government, promising to make it more inclusive soon. For months, women in Afghanistan have been restricted from working remains, except in a few fields. The country has seen demonstrations, few protests, and fewer changes symbols.
In August, the US froze around $10 billion of the Afghan government reserves while IMF and World Bank also followed the suits, stopping the aid to Afghanistan. The abrupt withdrawal of foreign aid has thrown the country’s aid-reliant and fragile into freefall, leaving behind millions of people hungry and low cash in banks now a common sight in the country.

Major Events in 2021 # A Historic Win By Indian Farmers

In 2021, chilly winds in winter brought joy to Indian Farmers due to the rare retreat by PM Narendra Modi. Since last year, farmers from the country’s northern heartland had been camping on the road when the Modi government passed legislation aiming at the deregulation of the agricultural sector by allowing the farmers to sell products to wholesale market and growers assured working remains price.
It will cut prices for all the farmers’ crops, and farmers staged the nationwide protests that became successful by the support from celebrities and activists outside India. After the demonstration of and nine rounds off the talks with the government, on 26 January, they headed to Delhi, taking out a protest on India’s Republic Day.
A consequent clash with police resulted in the death of one protester while several injured law enforcement personnel. The protesters from the rural areas saw the first round of violence in the outgoing year before the major episode in October.

Four farmers were killed on October 3 when a car ran over the protesters in Uttar Pardesh town of Lakhimpur Kheri, and Junoir Home Minister Ajay Mishra owned the car. A driver, Journalist, and three Party workers of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party were also killed in this protest. 700 Farmers have died in this bluster as they battled cold, heat, smog rains, and violence.
By suicide, at least nine died. Prime Minister Modi backed and repealed the controversial farm laws on November 19. An agreement was also passed to pay compensation to families of 700 farmers who died in the protest and demonstration and withdraw cases against protesters. This was a win for the Indian farmers, heading home after more than one year.

Major Events in 2021 # COVID-19

More Infections, more deaths, more curbs, and Omicron Variant

After as Covid-19 is concerned, 2021 was slightly different from the previous year. There were more infections, more deaths, more restrictions, and in addition to this discovery of yet another delta variant which is transmissible. In February, World Health Organization’s Global vaccine-sharing scheme delivered the first vaccine pool to Ghana. IN DECEMBER, the US also approved two pills for at-home treatment for treating infection.

A new wave of infection fuelled at the outset of 2021 by the Delta Variant striking countries worldwide. The variant especially wreaked havoc in India, which was first identified, leading to a massive pandemic wave. Hospitals ran out of beds, and establishments buckled as bodies of Covid-19 victims piled up.

As the world’s people prepare to usher in the new year, deaths, infections, and hospital admission in Europe surpass previous highs in many countries. According to a report presented by WHO, the variant had been detected in 89 different countries by mid-December, and much of them remains unknown about it.

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