Mahira Khan’s nose job | Actress clears the air with iconic wit

Mahira Khan's nose job is just a rumor, Humsafar's actress cleared the air with her iconic wit.
⟶ Mahira Khan's nose job is just a rumor, Humsafar's actress cleared the air with her iconic wit.
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Female celebrities are subjected to criticism more often than males. Living in a patriarchal society, women immediately come under fire as soon as they are involved in any slight controversy. Success brings even more controversies in life. Your curiosity about Mahira Khan’s nose job brought you to the right article. Here, we will answer not only this rumor but a lot more about the actress’s life! So stay tuned.

Mahira Khan is one of the finest actresses in the Pakistani industry. She is an expert when it comes to handling criticism. However, it won’t be wrong to say that she is a SUPERSTAR. She also has the honor of working with Shahrukh Khan in Bollywood’s blockbuster RAEES. However, devotees are very curious to know about Mahira Khan’s personal life. But she never makes it public. Well, here you’ll find answers to some of your questions for sure,

What’s true about Mahira Khan’s nose job?

In a recent interview with MASHION, the lead actress of Humsafar was rumored to undergo a nose job. This became an impetus for negative criticism. However, Mahira quashed the rumors and explained that it was only contouring that made a difference. Mahira Khan has not undergone any nose job.

“Okay, you have got to zoom in to my nose. I have not gotten a nose job. If I had gotten a nose job, I would have been like… And Babar wouldn’t have to contour so much,”

Mahira Khan’s nose job rumors were totally wrong and the actress has denied them.

Mahira confessed body image issues in the media!

She explained that body image issues are stressful and make her anxious. Moreover, she confessed the fact that Instagram is all about fake images. Such body figures rarely exist in reality. She also mentioned that it is very hard to handle social media platforms. Even the captions of images are taken out of context sometimes. This makes her exhausted and tight-lipped.

Mahira Khan’s nose job | Actress clears the air with iconic wit
Mahira Khan’s nose job | Actress clears the air with iconic wit

Is Mahira Khan married?

Marriage is the most famous question of fans when it comes to celebrities’ personal life. Well, Mahira Khan married Ali Askari back in 2007. They met in Los Angeles in 2006. The couple was blessed with a baby boy in 2009. However, the marriage couldn’t work out, and divorce parted their ways.

Recently she also shut down a rumor claiming that she is secretly married. She stared at her fingers and responded that she would definitely share the news with her fans whenever she will.

Mahira Khan’s career

She began her career in Pakistani media as a VJ. Then she appeared in Shoaib Mansoor’s VERNA-a masterpiece that couldn’t receive a lot of attention despite the exceptional concept it delivered. Things started changing when she appeared as Khirad in Humsafar. Afterward, she became the queen of the Pakistani media industry. She inspires hundreds of women every day. Raees made her an international star and helped her rise to the skies of her career.

Mahira Khan’s education

People are also curious about Mahira Khan’s education. She was brought up in Pakistan. Here, she completed her O-Levels from Foundation Public School. Then she moved to California. Her alma mater was Santa Monica College and then the University of South California. She was born in 1984 to a Pashtun family (Urdu speaking).

Sadly, celebrities have to face such criticism. Even their normal statements are molded into controversies. However, aficionados love them and are always curious about their personal life. Also, do share your reviews about the article! Thank you.

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