Love on the Spectrum Season 2

love on the spectrum season 2
⟶ love on the spectrum season 2
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Even if you hate relationships and dating “Love on the Spectrum” is one of those series that will make you love them! This is because every single character has done justice to their role in the previous seasons. Season two of the “Love on the Spectrum Season 2” is out and the characters are once again ready to play with our feelings. So, make sure you keep something to wipe the tears as this season is going to make you cry.

Love on the Spectrum Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot

Back in 2020 the first season of “Love on the Spectrum” was released which developed a huge fan following across the globe. This series is way different from the other ones as it shows how a relationship can be entirely based on love. Netflix received a successful output as soon as season one went on air. It is directed by Clan O’Clery and the season was released on 19th November 2019. It consisted of ten episodes and all of them were worth seeing! The series shows seven adults exploring the autism spectrum and enjoying the roller coaster ride of dating!

The docuseries “Love on the Spectrum part 2” is returning to the screens on September 21, 2021. The cast of season two includes the following new faces,

  • Ronan (This 21-year-old is a racing enthusiast who is ready to mingle)
  • Kassandra (This 27-year-old is weird and loves to collect toys)
  • Jayden ( He is a weight lifter and is busy exploring different genders for dating just like Teo)
  • Teo (21-year-old Teodora is about to explore the new life of dating)
  • Jodi

However, Share, Michael, Mark, and Jimmy will be repeating their roles as usual. The cast that will be the same for both the seasons include,

  • Michael Theo (self)
  • Kelvin Wong (Kelvin)
  • Chloe Hatch (Chloe)
  • Amanda Taylor (Amanda)
  • Sharnae Furner (Sharnae)
  • Mark Radburn (Mark)
  • Olivia Sharpe (Olivia)
  • Jimmy Berresford (Jimmy)

In this article, I’ll tell you all about the story, cast, release date, and the ways to save “Love on the Spectrum Part 2” now.

How to see Online Love on the Spectrum Season 2?

love on the spectrum season 2
Image source: Netflix

Love on the Spectrum series is finally back on your screens. So, grab a tissue box and switch on your phone because this season is surely going to give you Goosebumps! This docuseries is officially released on two websites. The second season consists of a total of 5 episodes with the last episode being the best of all!

  • Note: We strongly condemn any Piracy acitvity.

Following are the ways to see online Love on the Spectrum season 2 episodes,


This docuseries is officially released on Netflix where almost all of the series are available. Let me mention that, Netflix isn’t free. You can get access to the Netflix account once you purchase it. Here you can also save any of your favorite episodes. So, for the best quality, you should see it on Netflix.

ABC Iview

You can also see this series on the website “Iview.” ABC iview is an on-demand TV streaming that is free. You can enjoy different movies and series on Iview 24/7 for free.

Movies 123

This is a well-known website where many shows are uploaded after being released. Here you can also see season 1 of love on the spectrum. Other than this series, you can find many other docuseries also.

Just see

Check out Justsee for high-quality episodes of the series. This website also consists of many other series and you can also see season 1 there.

Enjoy the series as it will help you learn more about the life of autistic people. Such shows are very rare to find which is why it received very good ratings. It shows autistic reality in a beautiful way!

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