Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in in relation. Fan’s protest on his house

Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in in relation. Fan’s protest on his house
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Recently Korean actor, singer and host Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in (Korean actress), announced their relationship. But unfortunately, fans are not happy with the announcement. The response from fans seems unusual. However, they have solid reasoning to deny their relation and protest against it. Here you will get to know the complete scenario of the situation.

Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in relationship

34 years actor and 28 years actress recently announced that they are together. According to sources, their mutual hobby of golf brought them together. After that, there were rumours of the couple getting married soon. Fans who were already not happy with their relation became aggressive. However, the management company of the actor clarified that they are not planning to get married.

Lee seung-gi and Li Da-in not getting married
Lee couple is not getting married

Lee Da-in family background

According to sources Da-in’s stepfather was sentenced to jail for three years. The reason was his involvement in stock manipulation. There are also rumours that her other family members were also part of this crime. Many people faced losses due to her father’s insider trading. Even some people committed suicide after losing their money.

Her step-father released from jail in 2014. But again in 2016, he was prisoned due to another stock manipulation case. Actress’s family background harmed her reputation.

Fan’s reason to protest

Due to the legal issues of Da-in’s family, her image is not good. And when there was news of Seung Gi’s relationship with Da-in fans are worried about the actor’s reputation. Seung Gi’s fans are concerned that the actress’s negative image will affect the fame of their beloved actor.

How fanclub is protesting

Seung-gi's fan club's protests
Seung-gi’s fan club’s protests

Fans found a unique way of protesting. Usually, it is a trend to send coffee or snack trucks to superstars to support them. Fellow actors or fans send the food trucks to the idol’s home or workplace to show love and support. However, this time the major Fanclub of the Seung-Gi known as Lee Seung-gi gallery send the truck. But it was not in his support.

There were protesting statements and warnings written on it. Fans sent this truck to the actor’s house. There were many messages and warnings written on it. One message was “Are you going to give up your 17 years of career?” They added, ” you made a reckless decision.” Someone wrote, “we have protected you for 17 years, please protect your Fanclub now.” They also added “If you don’t know, let’s tell you that they (Da-in’s family) victimized many people.

Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in career

The actor was introduced as a singer in 2004. Then he got popular with the song “Because You’re My Woman.” There are many other popular shows on his list including “Vagabond”, ” mouse” and “my girlfriend is a gumiho”.

The actress started her career in 2014 and soon got popular with some hit serials. Some of her famous acts include “Hwarang”, ” Alice” and “make a woman cry.” Both Lee Seung-gi and lee da-in are mature people and are known public figures. Many celebrities are concerned that why fans are hurting their idols and deciding their fate.

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