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⟶ Lee min ho is celebrating his 34th birthday
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Actor, Korean Superstar, Vlogger, super Model, and a King of million hearts Lee min Ho is celebrating his birthday today. A talented actor is celebrating his 34th birthday. He has millions of fans all around the world. Today on his birthday he shared some pictures with the gifts sent by fans. And there were so many gifts that he left no place in the room. It was difficult to spot Lee min Ho in the picture as he was surrounded by a lot of gifts.

Many international fans who could not send love personally donated money to charity in the name of Lee Min Ho. It was indeed the purest gesture of love and support from fans. Many fans sent coffee trucks to his shooting venue today. Fans had many ways to show their love on the actor’s birthday. But Lee Min Ho also responded with love adorably. Read the full article to know how the actor gave a birthday surprise to his fans.

Lee min Ho posed his birthday gifts
Lee min Ho posed with his birthday gifts

Lee Min-Ho’s personal life and Dramas

The legendary actor was born in Seoul growing up with his loving parents and older sister. Initially, he wanted to be a soccer player. However, due to a fatal injury, he had to bid farewell to his dream career. But fate had its plans that were indeed amazing than he imagined. Due to his charming looks and height, he landed into modeling and acting career.

But he did not get the fame in a served plate. He had to struggle a bit in acting. However, his evergreen rom-com “Boys over Flowers” proved as a jetpack for him. He went to the top of the sky and never looked back. After that, there was a series of super hit dramas including “Legend of the blue sea”, “The heirs”, “City Hunter”, and ” The king Eternal Monarch. His serial Legend of the blue sea was top-rated in many countries. The fantasy serial starring Jun Ji Hyun as the female lead was dubbed in Hindi, English, and Japanese. The actor’s other serial “The king eternal monarch” remained in the list of top 10 on Netflix during its airing.

How Lee Min Ho is celebrating his birthday with fans?

Lee Min Ho sent back the love to his national and international fans by sharing an adorable baby photo of himself. In this way, he expressed a heartwarming tribute to his beloved fans. His fans who are known as “Minoz” are pleased with his sweet gesture of showing love. He also shared some breathtaking images of him with a cheeky smile sitting on a royalty chair like a king.

He is a legendary actor popular for his royal looks and simple personality. His generosity, simplicity, and gracefulness is something that makes him the king of million hearts. Today on 22nd June 2021 our king Lee Min Ho is celebrating his birthday we wish him much love and blessings.

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