Learn to groom your summer looks from Korean celebrities

Summer looks of Korean celebrities
⟶ Summer looks of Korean celebrities
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Summer days are long, hot and tiring. The increasing temperature can make you look dull. At that time, you must want to bring some cool changes to your appearance. Do you want to appear fresh and beautiful among your colleagues or class fellows? But at the same time you don’t want heavy makeup, right? Today we will share some Korean summer looks that are effortless and natural. Simple techniques will make you look fresh and cool all day.

Matte-finish Lip tints

Nowadays lip tints are more in trend than heavy matte lipsticks. These tints are light weighted and long-lasting. Moreover, it gives a more natural glance at your makeup. Usually, in summers, people avoid shimmery makeup and glosses. There are lip tints that give you a matte finished look. See how the top Korean actress and singer IU has applied fresh and natural-looking lip tints. No doubt, her divine beauty doesn’t require heavy makeup. So she puts on lightweight and natural-looking products on her face.

IU looking gorgeous with natural lip tints
IU looking gorgeous with natural lip tints

No make-up, make-up summer looks

This trend is popular for quite a long moment. In Pakistan Nabila’s saloon is the first one introducing no make-up trend. However, in the Korean industry, many celebrities prefer it. It does not only give you a natural-looking finish but also prevents extra sweating. Usually, heavy makeup clogs the pores resulting in sweating and oily skin. In summer, it would be better to adopt a no-makeup trend to preserve healthy skin. In the following pictures, you can see the minimal makeup look of Bae Suzy. You can get this appearance by choosing a foundation matching your skin tone. Use minimal foundation and blush on. Try to keep things as simple as you can. You can also use only face powder and mascara to get a minimal touch-up.

Bae Suzy's no make-up, make up look
Bae Suzy’s no make-up, make up look

Transform your summer looks with short wavy hair

Recently a Pakistani actress Alizey Shah has done a short haircut. There is a mixed reaction from the public. Some are praising her. but most of the people telling her she doesn’t look innocent as before. According to critics, the reason for her bold appearance is her short haircut. However, it’s another debate and we won’t go further into it. The truth is, your hair is your property and you can transform it as you like.

In the summer season, it becomes difficult to manage long hair. Of course, at 40+ temperatures it is impossible to work with open hair. All a girl can do is tie the hair in a messy bun. But the issue is that bun makes you seem older than your actual age. Moreover, you need a change in appearance and your hairstyle contributes much to it. A short haircut will not only prevent sweating but will lessen a few years from your face. Many Korean celebrities look cute, innocent, and childlike with short haircuts. For example, Kim Ji-Won usually appears with short wavy haircuts. Her hairstyle doesn’t affect the cuteness of her face. However, it makes her more beautiful.

kim ji-won with short wavy haircut
kim ji-won with a short wavy haircut

Click here, to get more hairstyle ideas in this hot season.

Try Pink and peachy blush-on

If you love tinted cheeks but also want a natural makeup tone then go for pink or peach. In summer the lesser the pigments the more you appear cool. However, some addition of pink or peachy tones in the cheeks can help you to give a fresh touch up. The Korean “true beauty” Moon Ga young prefers pinkish and peachy tints on her cheeks. Looking at her face seems like seeing a human version of a fresh rose. Although she puts on quite a lot of blush but the selection of fresh pigments fits perfectly with the amount. So if you are also a blush-on lover, don’t hold on just because of summer. Choose the right tones and look alive with lively colors.

Moon Ga-young's blushing cheeks
Moon Ga-young’s blushing cheeks

tell us in the comment if you liked the ideas of fresh summer looks. Also, let us know which one is your favorite?

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