K-Pop star Kris Wu arrested on rape charges in Beijing

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Stars are involved in many scandals throughout their careers. However, the allegation of rape is the most serious scandal of all. Chinese-Canadian K-pop star Kris Wu is arrested on the suspicion of sexual harassment in China. Wu’s detention came after a 19-year-old student Du Meizhu accused him of raping her. Police have arrested Wu in Beijing. If you are a fan of Kpop, this news must be shocking to you. Stick with us and read the whole scandal. Here we go!

Wu is facing rape allegations since last month. Du, the victim, has also accused that he has done this to many other women. Police stated that Wu is “criminally arrested” on the suspicion of rape. the pop star also has Canadian citizenship. The “People’s Daily” inked on this matter that having a foreign nationality is not a Protective talisman. No matter how famous you are, no one has immunity. Kris Wu has denied all the rape allegations.

On Weibo, the news of Wu’s arrest became the most searched topic. Not only that, but people also started commenting on Wu’s social media accounts. The majority of the comments are “Get out of China.”

Du Meizhu rape allegations on K-pop star Wu:

The 19-year-old Du Meizhu spoke on social media against Wu last month. She also gave an interview with the Internet Portal NetEase. There, she gave the details about how he exploited her.

In the interview, she said that she was meeting Wu to further her career. He promised her a career opportunity. When she went to meet him, Wu’s staff gave her Alcohol. As she is not a regular drinker, she was drunk quickly. Later, she passed out. The next morning, Wu promised to take care of her. She thought they are having a relationship. Then suddenly he stopped responding to her.

She said all of this happened when she was 17 years old only. Since her accusations, more women have spoken out online. They have accused Wu’s staff of inviting them to boozy karaoke parties.

On 28 July, BBC Reported that at least 24 more women have come forward and accused the K-pop star. Du said it is Wu’s tactic to entice women in doing obscene acts. 7 women have personally contacted her that Wu has sexually harassed them. He gave them the offer of jobs first and then take advantage of the situation. To make the matter more intense, Du said some of them are Minors.

  • Under Chinese Law, teens under the age of 18 are minors while the age of sexual consent is 14.

Du said she is also taking legal action against Wu. She further stated that Wu tried to buy her silence for 500,000 RMB ( 77,100$).

Kris Wu arrested | What does Popstar Kris Wu have to say on rape allegations?

Wu has denied every allegation against him. The 30-year-old star said he met that woman on 5 December 2020. According to him, he did not force her to drink or engage in any relationship. There was nothing of this sort as she described. He said, “I did not do any act in a group or have raped minor girls.”

Pop Idol Wu further said that woman tried to extort his staff for millions of Yuan and falsified her accusations. His lawyers are suing her for defaming him.

Wu said on Weibo that there is no truth in accusations. He further told that Everyone should relax. There is no such kind of thing. If there were, he Would have put himself in Jail.

 I remain quiet earlier because I did not want to intervene in Judicial proceedings. But I cannot tolerate it anymore.

Wu wrote on a microblogging platform

Weibo on 1st August

He further added that he only met Miss Du once at a friend’s gathering. Neither I offered her alcohol nor seduced her.

Brands that terminated their contracts when Kris Wu got arrested:

When the news got out, people condemned him heavily. Over a dozen brands terminated their contracts with Wu.

The brands which suspended their contracts are Louis Vuitton, L’oreal men, Porsche, Bulgari, and many more.

When International media highlighted this scandal, brand Bulgari also ended the contract. The company said that it attaches great importance to any sexual harassment incident. That is why it has decided to terminate the contract with Wu until he is cleared.

Other brands are:

  • Shanghai Cosmetics brand kans.
  • Detergent brand Liby
  • TV program Ethereal Sound
  • Kiehl’s
  • Snack brand The Bestore
Kris Wu is one of biggest pop stars in Asia, If rape allegations are true, his career will be over
Wu or Wu Yifan is one of the biggest pop stars in Asia, If rape allegations are true, his career will be over.

#GirlsHelpGirls hashtag and “What exactly is sexual consent” trended on Weibo:

Du has found Millions of supporters on Weibo after rape allegations on Wu. She has also received millions of likes. Many of the supporters used the hashtags #GirlsHelpGirls.

There is now growing awareness about gender-based violence in China. Women have started to speak out. This awareness was sparked by the movement #MeToo. In this Me too movement in 2018, many women came forward and spoke about their painful experiences. China was also no exception. Many influential people were exposed by the women during this movement.

This unity was shown again when the hashtag Girls Help girls trended on Weibo. Everyone praised her for her courage. One comment said, “like if you think Wu is guilty”. This comment alone got 1.5 million likes.

The hashtag “What exactly is sexual consent” trended on Weibo. It reached more than 380 million views in recent days. Everyone is voicing their opinions. The majority of the comments from women were: No means No.

Both of these hashtags will surely give awareness to teens about the harassment.

People are also bashing the police that they are quietly supporting Wu. They are not carrying out proper investigations. Popstar Wu should have been arrested earlier and allegations should have been confirmed till now.

Kris Wu | Age, Movies, net worth, and awards :

Mr. Wu was born on 6 November 1990. He is currently 30 years old and will turn 31 on 6 November this year. From a very early age, he wanted to be famous. Wu was a member of the K-pop boyband EXO. It was a Korean-Chinese band. He got immense fame there. Still, he left the boyband in 2014. Then, he started his career as a solo artist. He is a successful singer, actor, model, and variety show judge now.

In 2014, he won the newcomer of the year award. Then, he went on to win many other awards including Asian fashion Icon of the year, Outstanding youth award, Weibo King, and most influential male singer of the year.

As a solo artist, he gave many hits. Wu movies earned big money. “Mr. Six” was number one at the box office. Other hits are Journey to the West, The Demons strike back (2017), XXX: Return of the Xander cage. All of them are some of the biggest hits in Chinese history.

The net worth of Pop idol Wu is estimated to be 9 Million dollars.

Now Kris Wu is arrested by the Chinese police on rape suspicion. If the rape allegations are proved right, his career will be over.

Bottom Line:

All in all, it is one of the biggest scandals in the Chinese entertainment industry. Kris Wu is one of the biggest stars in Asia. Rape allegations by Miss Du made rounds on the internet. Kris Wu was arrested by Beijing police on this suspicion of rape. Investigations are still going on regarding this scandal. However, people on social media are accusing the police that they are protecting Wu. More than 24 other women have also come forward and shared this painful experience with the pop star. Will the Actor go to Jail or prove to be innocent? We will have to wait and see. Do comment your opinions on this biggest controversy in the comment sections.

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