Kim Jong-Un looks thinner- Here’s why the World is interested!

Kim Jong UN looks thinner- Here’s why World is observing closely
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North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un has apparently lost weight. Recent images of him released by State Media and a video uploaded by NK News agency analyst Colin Zwirko are now circulating on Twitter showing that Kim Jong-Un looks thinner than the last image of him in 2020. Many rumors are now surfacing about what could be the possible reason for this.

Why the world is closely seeing Kim Jong-Un’s health condition?

It is still unclear that whether the weight loss is due to disease, other health issues or he is consciously losing weight. No matter what the reason is- the world is seeing closely. Why?

Because Kim Jong Un is a leader of a Nuclear-armed country with an unstable economy, poor security conditions, and no automatic choice of succession. The death of Kim Jong Un can cause chaos in the country which would have severe consequences for not only Asia but for the whole world.

Kim Jong Un weight loss has direct and indirect consequences for the region.
Kim Jong Un weight loss has direct and indirect consequences for the region.

The talks of his succession could be happening unofficially. His successor will have access to Nuclear codes, important military secrets, and final decision-making authority. Thus, the world is closely observing the North Korean Leader’s weight loss and his health condition.

South Korea Intelligence is closely observing the situation as well. South Korea and North Korea are rivals. According to a South Korean intelligence report, after coming to power in 2011, Kim Jong Un has gained 6–7 kg (13–15 pounds) per year. In 2020, he weighed over 300 pounds. Kim Jong Un is 5-foot 7-inch tall. This much weight at this height falls under the severe obesity category. Thus, he was at greater risk for any heart disease or organ failure. That’s why the world is closely observing whether he is ill or not.

Moreover, Kim Jong Un disappeared for 3 weeks last year. It was speculated that he was having heart surgery. The rumors of his death also surfaced. But he was seen alive weeks later. His father Kim Jong II died of a heart attack in 2011.

Now, after a month of disappearance, the North Korean leader was seen again. But this time, Kim Jong-Un looks thinner which has got the world thinking about the health of the North Korean leader.

Kim Jong-Un looks thinner, is this a political move?

According to analysts, Kim Jong Un’s weight loss might be a political move to suppress the revolt feelings among his people. North Korea has been facing an acute food shortage. In addition to that, the country’s economic condition is in shackles due to international sanctions over it and loss of trade with China due to the corona pandemic. So, the people of North Korea are living a miserable life. With facing all these things, a leader with a fat belly is the last thing people want to see. Therefore, analysts think this can be a reason why Kim Jong Un looks thinner.

Kim Jong Un health
Kim Jong Un has been the Leader of North Korea for a decade now and knows every political move.

No matter what could the reason- one thing is sure that Kim’s health condition will play an important role in the future of geopolitics and the security condition of the world.

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