Karan Mehra Domestic Violence| Arresting, Bail, and Statements.

Karan Mehra Domestic Violence| Arresting, Bail, and Statements.
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The famous Indian serial actor Karen Mehra got into trouble after domestic violence allegations. His wife Nisha Rawal filed an FIR against his husband. Police arrested him on 31st May in a domestic violence case. According to the sources, he pushed his wife against the wall. As a result, she got a severe head injury and bleeding.

After registering the FIR she also posted her injuries on social media. In the media conference, she also shared Karan’s videos of hitting her badly. But why he went this far? How much reality is there in the allegations? What actor said about his wife’s mental health? Learn all the answers and much more in this article.

Nisha Rawal’s press conference

In a press conference, Nisha Rawal shared her suffering with the media. She said that it is very awkward to share personal issues on media. But she wants to put all things on record so that her growing son stays aware of her hardships. She said that it’s not the first time he has beaten her. However, this time he went too far and she can’t cope with this further. According to her, Karan has a cool image in media and television. She tried her best to maintain his cool impression. But now she cannot pretend anymore.

Nisha's picture after domestic violence
Karan Mehra and nisha happily together (left side). Nisha’s pics after domestic violence (right side)

“He has raised his hand on me, many times in past. He has given me black eyes”

she told this in press conference recently, click here to read more

Karan’s extramarital affairs

She revealed in the media that after nine years of marriage they are discussing divorce. The reason for divorce is Karan’s extramarital affairs. She said that she asked her husband about his recent affair. He boldly confessed that he loves another girl in Delhi. She went to seek her family’s support in this matter. But her family did not care. So she had to come back to her husband’s house. According to her, she tried again to sort out their relation issue but all went in vain.

Why Karan Mehra hit his wife

According to Nisha, this time she wanted a safe future for his son. That is why she argued with her husband. In return, he has beaten her severely.

“He held me by my hair, pushed my head into the wall, blood started pouring out of my head and I kept asking him why does he hate me so much…later I called police.”

Karan Mehra got bailed

The actor was arrested at that time. But the next day he came out on bail. He talked to the media and denied all the allegations. Let’s see his viewpoint on this issue.

Karan Mehra’s statements in defence

Karan Mehra and Nisha domestic violence case
Karan Mehra and Nisha domestic violence case

After getting bail, the actor also held a press conference. He defended himself by stating his wife is bipolar. He claimed that his wife staged everything to defame him. According to Karan Mehra, the argument started because she wanted my all money on divorce. When the actor refused that she spat on him and told him to see what she can do. Then she hit her head against the wall and blamed everything on the actor.

He also added that he could prove his statements about that night’s fight. He searched into the camera recordings of his house. But all the cameras were off that night. He claimed that his wife deactivated all the cameras and planned everything to defame him.

Nisha Rawal bipolar issue

Nisha Rawal in response did not deny being bipolar. According to her, she is not ashamed of her bipolar disorder. It’s just a mood disorder and she took medicine to cure it.

“Bipolarity is a mood disorder. I suffered from bipolar when l lost my child in 2014, I was five months pregnant. Karan was extremely abusive, I was through a lot of trauma, and that is when I went to my therapist.”

What’s the truth?

It is not confirmed yet who’s allegations are right and which one is wrong. However, Nisha’s friends and celebrities are in her favour. Kashmira shah also claimed that she has witnessed bruises on Nisha’s face many times. But she did not dig further as it was a personal matter.

On the other hand, there are so many supporters of Karan Mehra. They are condemning his wife is playing the victim card. It is necessary to note that recently an incident took place in India. A girl knocked her nose and blamed a pizza delivery boy for sake of an extra pizza. Many people are relating both scenarios and talking about men’s right. No body knows who is the real victim but we hope the truth will come out soon.

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