Justice for Kaleem Ullah | a BZU Student Murdered by Goons

Justice for kaleem Ullah. BZU student murdered
⟶ Justice for kaleem Ullah. BZU student murdered
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Universities of Pakistan always remain notorious for drug dealing and its usage. It is normal for drug dealers to make innocent students drug addicts. Those students who come to universities with so many struggles and carrying dreams of their parents falls for those drug culprits and ruin their lives. Most of the high reputed families do not send their daughters for higher studies. They are afraid of the toxic university environment.

However, drug addiction in universities is normal and nobody takes an action against it. In rare cases, if someone stands against the malicious system, they get threatened by the authorities or get killed. The same thing happened recently in Bahawul din university Multan. A BZU student was killed when he raised his voice and protested against drug dealing in University. Since then the whole university is demanding Justice for Kaleem Ullah.

Justice for Kaleem Ullah, more than a Protest

Kareem Ullah was a student of BZU Multan and also a social activist. The killers not only stabbed him to death but also injured his fellow students. Those students are still under serious condition in the hospital. His killer is now under arrest and he is notorious for his drug-dealing record. The murderer is Awais jutt who also leads a malicious organization of students. Under his leadership not only did his fellows sell the drugs but also afraid students of their violent acts.

Kaleem Ullah was murdered by drug dealers in BZU
Kaleem Ullah was murdered by drug dealers in BZU

On 14 August 2021, Awais Jutt and his fellows martyred Kaleem Ullah by stabbing him with sticks and daggers. The parents grow their children with determination, attention, and devotion. They send their children to universities with high expectations. And, imagine their sorrow when some drug-seller murders their son. The protest justice for Kaleem Ullah is not just a movement against killing a student. It’s against snatching the dreams from parents and wasting the struggles of their lives. It’s a movement against mafia and drug dealing that engulfed a kind and smiling soul.

Kaleem Ullah Justice Case and our Institutions

Due to the strong connections of the killers with institutional departments, police officers initially denied firing the FIR report against Awais. Also, the media initially called this murder a fight between two groups. Later it was revealed that there was no fight as Kaleem Ullah was unarmed and killers attacked him.

When his friends and family started protesting, the media started coverage of the incident, and police had to arrest murderers. Still, as usual, there are mere chances for them to get punishment due to weak law and order. Previous month we have witnessed many murders of women and not a single murderer got a sentence. However, this time a man was murdered. We hope that this patriarchal society has no option to play the feminist blame game. Anyhow with the strong connection of killers, it’s harder to get justice.

Also read, how anchor Imran khan blamed Noor Muqaddam for being murdered brutally. How long murderers will run away by blaming the victims?

Justice for Kaleem Ullah Protest Trending on Twitter

Kareem Ullah was not only a bright student but also a social activist. He had so many friends and followers who stood for justice after his murder. According to the protesters, it is shocking that goons enter the university cafe area in daylight, kills and injures the students, and went back without any resistance. This incident raised questions on the security system of the University. The protestors said that the educational system and campuses are the highly unsafe place for students. Another protester claimed that

Kaleem Ullah did only a crime to stand against criminals and drug dealers. In response, they killed him brutally. If raising a voice against criminals is a sin then it clarifies the destruction of our society.

Students protesting to get justice for Kaleem Ullah and against drug dealing mafia
Students protesting for kaleem Ullah and against drug dealing mafia

Initially, protestors were not willing for Kaleem’s funeral until the Justice departments punish criminals. However, yesterday the family and friends offered his funeral prayers and buried him. In various universities of Pakistan, students organizations offered Kaleem’s absentee funeral prayer as an expression of unity. The protest for justice is not taking place at one university now. Many university students from all over Pakistan are protesting against Kaleem’s death and drug dealing mafias. Also, Twitter his chanting with the #Justice4kaleem trend for two days. Despite section 144 in Abbottabad, a large number of University students came out to take part in the protest.

Demands of Protestors

Protestors have some demands regarding the recent incident in BZU Multan:
1- University administration should make an unbiased committee that investigates this incident.
2- University should be free from drug dealers, and administration should take strict actions against drug dealing.
3- The murderers of Kaleem should get punishment as early as possible.
It seems that student organizations will not sit calm until the departments punish the murder and stabilize a proper law and system against drug dealing. We hope for proper and earlier justice in this case.

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