Italy vs England: Italy defeats England in EURO 2020 Final.

UEFA England vs Italy: Italy defeats England in EURO 2020 Final
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The EURO 2020 tournament, which started on 11 June, ended on 11 July. It was one crazy tournament with thrilling and nail-biting matches. The Final was also no exception. The final which was played between Italy vs England was full of drama. Not only that, it drew millions of views on TV, and 67,000 were present in Wembley stadium. So, read the details about the final game!

England got the dream start. When the game started, Luke Shaw scored the goal in the second minute of the game. It was his first international goal and what a time it was to score. England got the lead very early. Italy decided to fight back but couldn’t score a goal in the first half.

Then Leonardo Bonucci scored the goal for Italy to equalize in the 67th minute. Not only that, He became the oldest player to secure a goal in the European Championship Final.

Italy vs England: Final Match result:

Match ended 1–1. No other person other than Luke Shaw from England and Leonardo Bonucci from Italy could score any goal.

Then Extra time started. Both teams tried their best to take the trophy home by scoring goals. But both teams’ defenses were Top-notch. So, No goal was scored in extra time as well.

Then, it was time for the Penalty shootout.

Penalty shootouts:

People’s hearts were racing when the penalty shootout started. For English fans, all hopes were on Goalkeeper Jordan Pickford. It was the game for European supremacy and glory and the world was invested in it. In the End, The penalty shootout ended with Italy’s victory 3–2.

Who scored in the Penalty shootout?

For Italy:

1) Frederico Bernardeschi

2) Leoanrdo Bonucci

3) Deomenico Berardi

For England:

1) Harry Kane

2) Harry Maguire

Who didn’t score in the Penalty shootout:

For Italy:

1) Jorginho

2) Belotti

For England:

1) Saka

2) Sancho

3) Rashford

Italy vs England: It’s not coming home!

The last time Italy won the European Championship was in 1968. Moreover, Victory is sweet for Italians as they lost finals in 2000 and 2012.

Moreover, the Final was special as it was decided on Penalties since Czechoslovakia beat West Germany in 1976.

Also, Exclusive from UEFA OFficial Twitter account: Check out the moment when Italy lifted their second EURO title.

The world witnessed a little chaos when the game ended. Furthermore, English fans didn’t take the defeat well. The media is reporting that fights between English fans and Italians took place just after the final ended.

Player of the match:

The honor of naming Player of the match in the European Championship final was given to Luke Shaw.

England’s Coach Gareth Southgate:

Coach Gareth Southgate has declared England’s defeat as Incredibly Painful. But he praised Players stating that they gave their everything. Disappointment is there as there are only a very few occasions where you play the Final of any tournament. That is why the Team is disappointed. Moreover, Captain Harry Kane said the defeat would hurt them for the rest of their careers

All-inclusive, Italy vs England will be a game that was a game to remember. It had everything- from drama to exciting finish and from records to Quest for European supremacy. For English fans, it is not coming home and for Italians, it is going Rome.

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