Italy: Inam Butt has Won Gold Medal in Beach Wrestling!

Inam Butt has won gold medal
⟶ Inam Butt victory stance
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The last two months have been exceptional for Sports fans in Pakistan. Pakistanis witnessed the excellence of Talha Talib, Arshad Nadeem, Haider Ali, and Shahzaib Khan. Now, Pakistanis are overjoyed as Inam Butt has won gold for Pakistan in the world beach wrestling championship. Moreover, sports personalities are congratulating him on this marvelous feat. How did Inam perform? Who he defeated in the final? Stay with us as we tell you everything.

The Biggest News for Sports Fan: Inam Butt has won Gold Medal:

In the final held on Saturday, Inam came face to face with Oleksii Yakovchuk who belong to Ukraine. Inam dominated the whole match. Oleksii Yakovchuk did not even stand a chance against the agile Inam who in the end defeated him 3–0 in the 90 kg category.

It was not the first time Inam was facing Oleksii Yakovchuk. He also defeated him in the first round. However, Oleksii Yakovchuk made a great comeback and still reached the final. But Inam Butt proved too good for him in the final as well.

In Quarterfinals, Inam defeated Omer Faruk and in the Semi-finals, Inam defeated Romanian wrestler Mihai Nicolae. That is why he was the favorite to win the gold.

This is not the first time Inam has made Pakistanis proud. In 2017 and 2018, Inam has won gold in World Beach Wrestling Series which was held in Turkey.

Next week, the Beach wrestling world series will be held in Greece. But, Inam Butt won’t be going to Greece as he didn’t get the visa for this tournament.

Who is Inam Butt?

Inam Butt is from Gujranwala and is currently part of the Gujranwala wrestling club. His height is 5’11” and his age is 35. Furthermore, Inam has represented Pakistan in many international forums. He has won many accolades in his career. Due to his success, he is also an ambassador of the Pakistan Olympic Association.

Now, Inam Butt has given credit to Pakistan Wrestling Federation for his success on international platforms. Moreover, he also thanked Fehmida Mirza and District Councillor Asim Zaman who helped him in getting the visa. However, he could not get a visa for Greece. But that should not dampen the happiness of this gold medal. The news “Inam Butt has won Gold medal” brought joy to everyone’s face as well. Let’s pray for Pakistani athletes to keep winning medals.

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