Islamic New Year Celebrations, Dates & Facts |2022

Islamic New Year Celebrations, Dates & Facts |2022
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The Islamic New Year — the Arabic New Year or Hijri New Year, is the initial day of Muharram, the preceding month within the Mohammedan calendar. The prior year of this calendar began in Gregorian metal 622 once the Prophet Muhammad emigrated from Mecca to Medina with his companions.

In the Mohammedan calendar, days begin at sunset. The event falls on a typical day yearly because the Islamic year is eleven to twelve days shorter. As practices and prayers mark the occasion, Muharram is understood because the month of remembrance is sacred to Muslims across the globe.

The word Hijri springs from Hijra, which means migration. The place to begin the Mohammedan calendar is the migration of the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622 AD.

When is Islamic New Year 2022?

The Islamic New Year — called the Arabic New Year or Hijri New Year — begins on the primary day of Muharram, the preceding month within the Mohammedan calendar. The Mohammedan calendar is lunar-based and is solely 354 days long. Islamic New Year falls on July twenty-nine of the Gregorian calendar this year.

History of Islamic New Year

In Mecca and alternative areas, Muslims of the seventh-century metal two-faced spiritual ill-usage for or their beliefs. Therefore, the departure of Muhammed and his followers to the town that may later be known as Medina — a movement known as the Hijra — wherever Muhammad (PBUH) would set forth a Constitution that delineated Muslim rights and responsibilities. This event is of nice importance within the Muslim religion. That is why Islamic New Year commemorates this sacred moment of history.

It’s not simply the primary day of the month, Muharram, the preceding month of the Islamic year, that’s necessary to watch for Muslims worldwide. The whole month is of religious significance. For example, it’s additionally in Muharram — second solely in importance as a solemn occasion to Ramadan. On the tenth day, Ashura takes place, marking Noah’s effort toward the Ark and Moses crossing the sea.

For Shiah Muslims, it’s additionally the death day of remembrance of Muhammad’s grandchild Hussein. They mark the occasion with mourning ceremonies. Shias, notably those in the Asian nation, Bahrain, India, Lebanon, and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, participate in remembrance parades known as “matam,” wherever men roll up the road to require half in ritual chest-beating. For Sunnis, Muharram could be a time of introduction to the new, with solemn prayer and reflection.

The calendar is eleven or twelve days shorter than the Western calendar. Thus a form of “cycle” is formed around Islamic New Year because it falls back once a year. This is often be} thus those of the religion can expertise identical vary of temperatures and weather events as all the historical figures in their holy books did.

Muharram is an important spiritual and cultural event; thus, asking Muslim friends about the importance of Muharram will be a stimulating learning lesson. Muslims may additionally share stories, ideas, and feelings with others to mark the Islamic New Year.

Islamic New Year Traditions

The Islamic New Year is a public vacation in most Islamic countries. The customs and traditions square measure different in numerous sects of the Islamic faith. However, usually involve spiritual recitals and spiritual acts of worship. Unlike the New Year celebrations of alternative calendars, the Islamic New Year is sometimes quiet, with Muslims reflecting on time and mortality.

The month of Muharram itself is a vital one for Muslims. Special prayers and sermons are used at mosques and a few public places.

Islamic New Year By The Numbers

4 – the number of days Muslims well know as Eid al-Adha.

3 million – the calculable range of Muslims United Nations agency visit Asian nation for the annual journey of pilgrim’s journey.

2 – the amount of Eid festivities during a year ascertained by Muslims.

6 –number of denominations of Islam most Muslims falls below.

5 – the amount of elementary ‘Pillars of Islam’ that secure a Muslim believer’s religion.

1.8 billion – the calculable range of Muslims worldwide, as of 2015

2nd – ranking Islam because of the fastest-growing faith in the world

3.45 million – the calculable range of Muslims of all ages living within the US.

114 – the number of chapters within the Holy sacred writing.

How to Observe The Islamic New Year or Hijri New Year?

For Shias: mourn the passing of Hussein, Prophet Muhammad’s grandchild

The leader’s murder was an associate degree outrageous event in Muslim history once he was committed throughout a month once violence was very shunned. Be part of the community at your house of God, or take a solemn moment to shed a tear at the injustice.

For Sunnis: ponder peace and new beginnings.

Again, the house of God could be a smart location to hitch others of the religion. However, even alone or with shut family, these days is the time for memory what it all suggests and coming up with a way to keep on and move forward into an entire New Year.

For everybody: bear in mind that each measures identical.

Even if your interest is solely educational, the day of the Islamic New Year will be an area to start cataloging all the variations between cultures that serve to intensify the similarities. Days of fast, revering your Prophet, taking a day of rest every week, or maybe being agnostic or atheist among friends and acquaintances United Nations agency worship. There are square measure individuals such as you in each country and below any creed.

Why is Islamic New Year vital?

Muslims comprise over pure gold of the world’s population

This means a few quarters of all individuals square measure seemingly celebrating Muslim New Year these days. In one technique or another, thus diligently understanding peers and bearing in mind a couple of facts will go a protracted method.

It concerns the freedom to worship

In Mecca, Muhammad (PBUH) and his followers typically two-faced harsh criticism and discrimination, even abuse. As a result, they believed in a single God (Allah) and not a pantheon of multiple gods. However, they persevered, not not like the devotion to religious writing. In other words, the need for freedom and the temperament to fight or head for the hills is universal.

A holy time for the devoted

Nobody will fail by speaking in reverence or holding a sense of solemnity for these days. This act ought to be appreciated by those that notice as a result of respect and kindness square measure ne’er dangerous habits to urge into.

Islamic New Year FAQs

What is the Islamic New Year?

The Islamic New Year additionally called the Hijri New Year, is the day that marks the start of a replacement satellite Hijri year.

What year is it in Islam 2021?

The current Islamic year is 1442 AH, from twenty-one August 2020 to nine August 2021 within the Gregorian calendar.

When is the Islamic New Year 2021?

The Islamic New Year can begin on August nine, 2021.

How is the Islamic New Year celebrated?

To commemorate the Islamic New Year 2021 (also called Muharram), Muslims can recite Quranic verses and offer special prayers and sermons at mosques. Muharram is the second holy month of the Islamic year, once Ramadan.

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