Is Markwayne Mullin Safe in Afghanistan Amid Rescue Mission?

Is Markwayne Mullin safe in Afghanistan
⟶ Markwayne Mullin safe in Afghanistan
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Since the US troops were to leave the Taliban-occupied Afghanistan till 31st August 2021. There were still people who needed support for evacuation. However, the US Government refused to help them amid the Afghan crisis. Oklahoma Congressman Markwayne Mullin left his country for a rescue mission in Afghanistan. Further, Markwayne Mullin is also accused of threatening the Embassy while making his way through Afghanistan.

However, people were all tensed as no one reported about his whereabouts. Read the whole article to understand Is Markwayne Mullin safe in Afghanistan? Who was Markwayne Mullin trying to rescue? Answers to all of your questions are written below!

Is Markwayne Mullin Safe in Afghanistan?

YES! Markwayne Mullin is totally safe in Afghanistan during the rescue mission. Moreover, he will be heading back to the USA. What actually happened is, there were 5 Americans left in Afghanistan. They include one woman and her four children. However, the US government refused to provide help in their evacuation. So, the Congressman decided to go on his own way for their evacuation.

Is Markwayne Mullin safe in Afghanistan
A number of tweets came in after Markwayne Mullin left for Afghanistan!

Mullin’s Plan:

As mentioned by the Washington Post, he had a plan to hire a helicopter and enter Afghanistan. Moreover, he also contacted the US ambassador to Tajikistan, John Mark Pommersheim to seek help while transporting a big amount of cash to the country. However, when Embassy refused to do so, he threatened the staff along with the ambassador, according to the paper.

Furthermore, the paper also mentioned that it’s wasn’t the first time he tried to enter Afghanistan. As soon as the news of him leaving, everybody was concerned about his safety. Moreover, he also refrained from being active on social media accounts which elevated the chaos. But Mullin’s office did not mention if he did what’s mentioned above. All they did is, release a statement that says,

“Congressman Mullin has been and is currently completely safe. He and the Office of Oklahoma’s Second District will continue to do anything in our power to bring home all Americans from the war zone that President Biden abandoned. The safety and security of the American people will always be his top priority. We have no further comment at this time.”

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Markwayne Mullin’s Instagram post Cleared the Air saying that, “I am heading home”

He also took it to his Instagram handle and seven hours ago, earlier on Wednesday, posted his selfie with a caption that started with “I am heading home…” Mullin wrote a heartfelt message for all the Americans stuck in Afghanistan. He mentioned that he will help all the Americans in getting out of Afghanistan. He also told that he is safe and the reason for going dark was to avoid any unsafety. expressed extreme disappointment at President Biden for lying about the Americans who are left behind.

So many great Americans, many who are Veterans and many who are not, are stepping up to keep our promise….. We will never leave an American behind

Markwayne Mullin

Hence, the Instagram post clearly explains that he is completely safe and so is confirmed by his office. Moreover, many people are supporting him for his efforts in getting back the Americans. However, there are some people who are criticizing him too.

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