Irregularities of NMDCAT 2021 | What are Students’ Demands?

irregularities of NMDCAT 2021
⟶ irregularities of NMDCAT 2021
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History repeats itself as the pre-medical students all over Pakistan are outraged due to the irregularities of PMC in NMDCAT 2021. A few weeks ago, we all saw the police using vicious tactics against doctors due to their protest against NLE 2021. The point is, why always the medical students? Unfortunately, the hardworking youth of Pakistan is forced to step out of their houses and stand against the Pakistan Medical Commission’s new decisions. The question is “Why is PMC receiving so much hate?” “What do the students want from PMC?” To clear it out and see who’s right and who’s the wrong read the whole article.

Irregularities of NMDCAT 2021

Back in 2020, PMC totally transformed the medical college admission test system changing it from a provincial-based test to a national test. The issue that still creates difficulties for the candidates is the differences in the syllabus. There are more than 5 different boards in Pakistan and each of them has a separate course outline. However, the difference remains in minor topics only (except A-levels course that has major differences). The students were provided with a common national syllabus before the test still the exam had some questions out of the syllabus, claimed by students of Sindh.

It won’t be wrong to say that the students of 2021 are also dissatisfied with the happenings. This year PMC had decided to advance the system by taking a completely online test based on a common syllabus. They also asked for Rs6000 fees which are very high as was in between 1500-3000 in the past years normally.

protest against nmdcat
Protest against NMDCAT. Picture credits: Doctors Wake-Up Movement

Despite charging huge entry fees they have failed to provide students with satisfaction. This is because of various factors. According to the students, frequent power failures take place at the test centers which lead to disturbances during the exam. Today a test in Multan was canceled due to some technical issues. Students also claim that there are irregularities in the answer keys of NMDCAT 2021.

A hashtag “WE REJECT TEPS MDCAT KEY” was trending top on Twitter for the last few days. MDCAT aspirants claim that the answer key of the test is wrong. They also demand the answer key be made public. However, PMC is totally against this idea and claims that the answer key can’t be made public to ensure transparency. xxx

Students appearing in the entry test for BMC were taken into custody!

Today around 50 MDCAT aspirants were taken into custody who were protesting in Quetta against the irregularities in NMDCAT 2021. The protest was based on two reasons according to Haseebullah Baloch, the chairman of the Students Action Committee,

  • The test had such questions which were not a part of the syllabus
  • The students who were to appear in the test were already declared fail

The online entry test took place among thousands of candidates competing for the 300 seats of Bolan Medical College Quetta. The aspirants gathered at the Hali road and moved towards the Balochistan Assembly. At the Edhi-Chowk the police arrived and baton-charged the students which is extremely brutal of them. Despite listening to the young medics they attempted such vicious attacks.

After what had happened a giant online war began particularly against PM Imran Khan for this injustice. The violence against students is unbearable. Students particularly targeted the PM for the formation of PMC. They also mentioned that nothing has remained the same since PMC’s formation as NLE and NMDCAT have threatened the future of thousands of hardworking students.

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irregularities of NMDCAT 2021
A student’s tweet targeting Imran Khan’s “NAYA PAKISTAN”

Government must listen to their voice and fix these issues as soon as possible. Imran Khan must address the issue to make it clear that the voice of our youth is valuable! If you are the one giving NMDCAT this year, then please tell us your issues in the comments section. Clear out your demands. We will try our best to spread your message. Thank you and best of luck for your exam!

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