Iran’s Presidential Election: What Raisi’s win means for Iran?

Iran’s Presidential Election: What Raisi’s win means for Iran?
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Iran’s Presidential election was held on 18th June 2021. As expected, not many people turned up to vote. The voter turnout was 48.8 percent only compared to 70 percent in the last elections. But despite low numbers, we have a winner. Ebrahim Raisi secured 62 percent of the total votes and is elected as Iran’s President for the next four years. Who is he and what his victory means for Iran and its people? Read this article to grasp the intensity of this matter.

Who Is Iran’s new President Ebrahim Raisi?

Ebrahim Raisi, born in 1960, has served most of his career as a prosecutor. He was appointed Prosecutor at the age of 20. Raisi wears a traditional Black turban, just like Ayatollah Khomeini.

He also participated in the 2017 Presidential election but lost. Then in 2019, he was appointed as Head of Judiciary. He didn’t resign from this post even when contesting the 2021 elections. Now, he has secured victory and will take charge of the President’s office in August.

The US has placed sanctions on him. Why? Because analysts think that he played a prominent role in Political Prison’s mass execution in 1988. He was part of the committee of four judges who gave secret death sentences to almost 5000 political Prisoners, according to Amnesty International. The International Organization has many times asked for the investigation of his crimes. Many countries are also alleging that this election was rigged.

What does Raisi’s victory mean for Iran?

It is now official that the winner of the Presidential election Raisi will become the eighth President of Iran. But what does this victory mean for Iran and its people? Iran is suffering from economic sanctions, threats from the west, poverty, corruption, and mass civilian protests. How he will tackle these issues is still not clear. However, he had previously many times said that only he could fight corruption in this country and handle US pressure.

In recent years, Iran has witnessed two mass civilian protests. People’s patience is wearing thin now. They just want to have economic prosperity. Iranians are fed up with poverty and economic sanctions. Currently, Iran is indirectly negotiating with the US in Vienna over the Nuclear deal. Which way this negotiation will go after his victory? Only time will tell.

Ebrahim Raisi emerged victorious in recent Iran's presidential election.
Ebrahim Raisi emerged victorious in the recent Iran presidential election.

What does Iran’s new president have to say?

After the election, Raisi made a victory speech. In a victory speech, Ebrahim Raisi thanked his voters and supporters for their votes and love.

He pledged to improve the economic conditions of the country and reduce corruption. Iran’s economy is crippled due to US economic sanctions over the nuclear program. In 2015, the West and Iran reached a deal, known as the Nuclear deal, which eased up the sanctions on Iran. When sanctions were eased, Iran saw a boom in economic growth. Iran could sell its oil, gas, carpets, and export countless other things. But this happiness ended when Donald Trump unilaterally pulled out of the Nuclear Deal. Since then, Iran is facing huge economic problems.

Answering a CNN Reporter question, Raisi said that even if the US agrees to bring back the Nuclear deal, he will still not meet US President Joe Biden.
The country witnessed a 48.8 Percent Turnout in the presidential election, the lowest turnout in history. Critics are commenting that the election was rigid and it was designed for the victory of Ebrahim Raisi.

How does Iran’s Presidential election System work?

After the 1979 Islamic revolution, Iran’s President is now the second-highest-ranking official in the country after Supreme Leader. Before 1979, King was the highest authority.

Not anyone can contest in the Presidential election. Those who want to contest in the election submit an “application.” Then Guardian Council goes through each of their profile and vet candidates. Guardian Council is an unelected body of 12 members. These members have the right to allow anyone of their liking to run for president and disqualify those who they dislike. In reality, their liking and disliking are based on Supreme Leader’s liking and disliking. Thus, it is Supreme Leader who chooses who and how many people will become candidates in the country’s presidential election.

Candidates for Presidential Election:

In the 2021 elections, 600 hopefuls registered to be candidates. Guardian Council only approved 7 candidates. Then out of these 7, Three candidates pulled out before the election. So, only four candidates took part in the Presidential race. these four were Ebrahim Raisi, Moshin Rezaee, Abdul Naser, and Amir Hossein. Eventually, Ebrahim Raisi emerged as the winner. In Iran’s constitution, A president can enjoy only two consecutive terms. That is why current Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani did not take part in this election as he is enjoying his second term.

What do you think about recent Iran’s Presidential election of Iran? Comment your opinion!

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