Award-Winning Allama Iqbal Day Speeches in English

Iqbal Day Speeches
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Is your topic of the speech is related to Allama Iqbal Day Speeches? Do you have participated in a speech competition that’s coming up? Don’t be panic. Here are some best Speeches you will see. Allama Iqbal day is approaching. On 9 November, Allama Iqbal Day will be celebrated; it is dedicated to Allama Iqbal for his services to Humankind. People plan in a different way to celebrate it. However, the school, college, and universities students celebrate it by participating in a speech competition assigned to them. In this article, we provide the best speeches in English on Iqbal Day. So Let’s Go.

Award-Winning Allama Iqbal Day Speeches
Award-Winning Allama Iqbal Day Speeches

Iqbal Day Speeches in English Speech #1:

“A glance of someone has elevated Iqbal

The People have been fascinated by Iqbal
O, star, tell to where has departed Iqbal
The region of wisdom has, But in the Kingdom of love has been entrapped, Iqbal.
Worthy Mr. President and dear Audience.”

Every year 9 November, reminds us of the momentous day and date when a child took birth in Sialkot who changed the government set up in India and infused a new spirit among the Muslims of the Indian sub-continent. It was Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal who appeared in the scene of this enigmatic world with such a delicate soul keeping the ability to probe deeper and deeper into the fundamental nature of the weirds of this ever-changing world and with the eyes for reaching beyond the blue skies and reaching the secret of eternity,

Dear Mr. President, Iqbal has a uniquely graceful and matchless style of himself and his positive capabilities. “Khudi” is the realization of oneness in his main symbol,l which he used throughout his poetry. Iqbal gives the message of love, justice, hope, and peace to humanity.

“Man is a delicate hunt in the clutches of thinking and leaders” It is a pity that man is a hunter and killer of them.

Dear Mr. President and peace-loving Audience,

The poetry of Iqbal is replating with the message of love, and peace, hope, unity, brotherhood. It is up to us to benefit from his unique message and make the world a living paradise of love and peace unity. I end my speech on these lines.

Iqbal gave the message of love and peace. He wanted us to be as innocent as a dove. There is all around war, bloodshed, and terror. Let us make the world not red but green. Thank You.

Iqbal Day Speeches in English Speech #2:

“Your message is unity; your message is clear.
Your insight is excellent; your intention is sincere
You are called a legend; You are the poet of the east
Your words have wisdom; my judgment is least.”

Mr. President, Respected Teachers, and Dear Fellows Asslam-o-Alaikum

Today, I’m going to say something about a personality who has a no needs to praise, who is unique in his capacity as a poet, rare in his circle as a philosopher, and rare in alternate as a great thinker who presented everything in the shape of poetry.

I am talking about Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal. When he was born, the Muslims of the subcontinent were plunged into the depths of darkness. He aroused as a great ray of hope on the horizon of the subcontinent, and all the generation of Muslims became delighted. He presented the message of dignity, unity, and passion.

“All were wondering; he collected all
All were helpless; he stopped them to fall
He took a case; he worked for others
He awakened the people; he lived for others.”

Iqbal was not amere person. He was a genius who realized the horrible condition of Muslims, thought deeply over it, and eventually presented an outclass solution called two-nation theory. Allama Iqbal Boosted the theory and publicized it across the subcontinent.

He depicted the original ideology that the Muslims and Hindus were two different nations that could never be gathered in the same place. Iqbal raised his voice in the form of powerful verses that worked like a miracle, and Muslims became one under a single flag on a single platform.

“ALLAH is one; Prophet is one
Quran is one; The faith is one
If all is one, The earth and Sun
We will never separate; we all are one
Today we announce, we all are one.”

Allama Iqbal continued to awake the souls of the Muslims by writing the poetry of freedom. He also guided people about the importance of Pakistan’s existence. He provided solid leadership to the Muslims of the subcontinent, and on the occasion of the Round Table Conference at Ala Abad, He strongly asserted this case. It was the turning point of the Pakistan Movement.

Iqbal wrote the explanation of Quranic Verses in his poetry and transformed a pure religious message into the brains of Muslims. He told them to feel their positions in this world and their lost status on the pages of history. He paved the way for people, but his main focus was the young generation and children.

It seemed as he believed in convincing them and his ideas worked wonders. Pakistan came into existence as a practical shape of Iqbal’s dream. His message has a lasting effect forever. I want to end my tribute in these words.

“He who does the extraordinary never dies
He who sweeps the other tears, never cry
His name remains forever; He became a legend
He radiates his shiny rays he became a diamond
He never gets worried, as sixes or sevens
He buries in the grave; his soul stays in the heavens.”

Iqbal Day Speeches in English Speech #3:

Respected Principal, Teachers, and dear students Assalam O Alaikum

Today, 9 No9 November, is the birth anniversary of one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century Allama Muhammad Iqbal. In history, few writers and poets have ignited managed to ignite a flame to energize a nation, which Iqbal did through his provoking poetry. Iqbal was born in Sialkot in 1877, having a keen bloodstream in languages, namely Urdu, Arabic, and Persian, as a child.

Allam Muhammad Iqbal is one of the most outstanding poets and philosophers. His intellectual genius has ruled in the arena of Islamic philosophy during the 20th century and is likely to give direction and influence the Islamic Intellectual tradition in the 21st century.

Iqbal was evident that if youngsters had focused their real destiny, they could have led the Muslims of the subcontinent out of the danger of destruction earlier than they did. Iqbal’s Nojwan is a true Muslim, Mard-e- Momin, Mojahid, Shaheen, Man of Khudi, and optimistic person who can pull the stars to himself. Iqbal Says:

“Mohabbat Mujhe Un Nojwanon se hai
Sitaron Pe Dalte hain Jo Kamand “

Iqbal’s Nojwan is a creative Nojwan. He is a Shaheen who hunts and then takes. Iqbal Says:

“Wuhi Jahan hai tira jisko tu kare paida
Ye Sang-o-khisht nahi jo tiree nigah mai hai”

Respected Sir,

In Iqbal’s eyes, youth is representative of the nation, not only of the current nation but also of the nation to come. If Nojawans are true Muslims and have fourteen qualities of a true leader written in the verses of“Surah Bakara”in the Quran, then the nation can be prosperous itself; otherwise, nothing can stop them from being ruined. I want to close with the sayings of Iqbal.

Nahi hai na Umeed Iqbal apni Kisht-e-veeran sy
Zara num ho to ye matti bari zarkhez hai Saqi

Iqbal Day Speeches in English Speech #4:

Especially FOR KIDS

Worth Mr. President and Dear Audience,

The topic of my Humble speech is

“The Role of Allama Muhammad Iqbal In the foundation of Pakistan”

We can not deny that the history of India is filled with cruelties and hardships for the Muslims. We know that the Hindus were prominent in numbers; they always tried to command any cruelty against the Muslims of India. They tried to destroy the economy, the business, the trade, the education, even their beliefs.

Respected Audience,

When such circumstances are created, ALLAH Almighty grants the personalities like Dr. Allam Mohammad Iqbal. These are the personalities who bold the nation, build the nation, and handle its decline by their hands and by having a solid belief all.

“Khudi ko kr Buland Itna keh hr taqdeer sy pehly
Khuda Bandy say khud Poochy bata Teri Raza Kya hy.”

Respected Audience,

Some people say that Allama Iqbal is the poet of the EastEastme say he is the poet of Muslims. But from my point of view, he is such a greatest poet who must be called the poet of humanity. At the last of my speech, I would like to close by saying that there are two primary sources of Allam Iqbal’s Dignity to gain the word’s heights in his poetry. Number 1 is the Holy Quran, and Number 2 is his deep love for the Holy Prophet (PBUH). In some verses of his poetry, Allama Iqbal says,

“ Wo moaziz thy Zamaany main musalmaan ho kr
Or tum Khwaar huay Tareek-e- Quraan ho kr”

He also says:

“Ki MUHAMMAD sy wafa tu my to hmm tery hain
Ye jahaan cheez hy kya Loh-o- Qalam tery hain”


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