International Polar Bear Day

International Polar Bear Day
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International Polar Bear Day on Gregorian calendar month twenty-seven raises awareness on the problems facing polar bears and how we will scale back our carbon footprint. Global climate change may be a Brobdingnagian threat to polar bears’ existence, and it’s up to America to require action and shield their future.

Polar bears area unit classified as marine mammals, carrying a thick layer of body fat and an impermeable coat to keep them insulated against the icy cold air and water they encounter on the ocean ice of the Arctic Ocean. With their territory melting away below them, International Polar Bear Day is a critical chance for America to prompt ourselves what’s at stake here, conserving the long run of those brilliant mammals.

International Polar Bear Day History

It’s been troublesome for scientists to trace down the bear’s origins; however, a recent discovery in the Scandinavian country might have provided the solution. A rare jaw bone found on the Norwegian island of the archipelago in 2004 allowed scientists to estimate that the species 1st walked the world around a hundred and fifty 000 years past.

Indigenous cultures have lived within the Arctic and are afraid of polar bears for thousands of years, contributing towards a balanced Arctic scheme. Each was modified within the 1700s once hunters from Europe, Russia, and North America began to withdraw the bear population apace. With no rules, individuals were able to lure several polar bears as they are likable, and also, the species suffered due to it.

International Polar Bear Day History
International Polar Bear Day History

By the Nineteen Fifties, things were obtaining worse thanks to the increasing use of fossil fuels. The burning of coal, oil, and gas thawed the ocean ice, inflicting ocean levels to rise and ever-changing the landscape of the polar bear’s surroundings. Environmental teams began to ward off the polar bear’s behalf; however, their protests typically fell on deaf ears as governments neglected their pleas to try to add to shield the Arctic and successively polar bears.

In 1973, the U.S, Denmark, and Norway country signed the International Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears and their surroundings. The agreement regulated business looking, and also the U.S. government classified polar bears as vulnerable. A non-profit organization Polar Bears International (PBI), was shaped in 1994, and it created its mission to determine action programs to shield the helpless bear. They introduced the primary International Polar Bear Day in 2011, and it’s been celebrated per annum since.

International Polar Bear Day Observance

Let your voice be detected.

Be familiar with the politics that affect the surroundings. Analysis native and national representatives to find out their stance on global climate change and keep that in mind after you forge your support. You’ll additionally reach bent your representatives and allow them to understand that the surroundings are vital to you.

Get artistic with it.

Polar Bear International has various tools to boost awareness for this cause. You’ll be able to transfer attention-grabbing stickers for promotional design, and you’ll be able to amendment your Facebook profile image victimization their temporary profile frame. Use the hashtag #InternationalPolarBearDay and be a part of others within the spoken communication.

International Polar Bear Day Observance
International Polar Bear Day Observance

Become a community action superhero

Make a distinction near home with community action toolkits that scale back your carbon footprint. The four challenges embrace info regarding thermostat conservation, rules for physical science, transportation accounts, and cycling information. You’ll be able to create a distinction even from home.

Facts Regarding International Polar Bear Day

King of the Arctic

Polar bears area unit the most important carnivorous land mammals on Earth.

Winter weight

A large male bear will weigh one,700 pounds which will double once a successful season.


Polar bears area unit primarily meat-eaters and feast on seals.

Facts Regarding International Polar Bear Day
Facts Regarding International Polar Bear Day

Record quick

Female bears have the most extended illustrious abstinence amount of any craniate species of regarding a hundred and eighty days.

Skin deep

Underneath their white fur is black skin to take in the sun’s heat.

Why do we Love International Polar Bear Day?

We can still create a distinction.

It’s not too late to show this dire scenario around. Analysis has shown that if we tend to scale back carbon emissions, the ocean ice and polar bears will still recover.

Polar bears area unit fundamental to the scheme

The Arctic scheme is fragile, and if polar bears go extinct, it may begin a series of reactions that may be tougher to show around.

Global warming is severe.

Less ice on the Arctic suggests that less heat is mirrored far away from Earth, and our planet can provide expertise in additional intense heat waves as a consequence. We have to consider the impacts of rising ocean levels, particularly in coastal communities, and the harm to our crops.

International Polar Bear Day FAQs

What day is National bear Day?

February twenty-seven

Where do polar bears live?

Countries around the polar circle like North American nations, Greenland, Norway, and Russia,

Do polar bears hibernate?

Polar bears don’t hibernate like brown bears.

How fast area unit polar bears?

Polar bears will run twenty-four miles per hour.

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