Happy International Men’s Day 19 November

Happy International Men’s Day 19 November
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International Men’s Day, a day celebrated on 19 November every year. It commemorated men’s health, highlighting male role models of society, improving gender equality, and exploring the positive expression of masculinity. It is observed to celebrate the positive values men bring to this globe. The purpose of celebrating this day is to raise awareness of men’s physical and mental health, supporting ethical male role models and positive masculinity. To know more interesting and amazing information about International Men’s Day, stay tuned till the end with us.

International Men’s Day 19 November
International Men’s Day 19 November

History of International Men’s Day

An American Journalist, John P. Harris, in 1968, wrote an editorial enlightening the lack of balance in the soviet system, promoting an International Day for Women’s for female workers but not succeeded in addressing the counter male part. He stated that he agreed that there should be a celebration day for women. The day was serving as a flaw in the communist system.

The director of the Missouri Center for Men’s Studies, Thomas Oaster, in the early 1990s, invited the organizations in the US to celebrate International Men’s Day in February. These events were hosted two years successfully by the Oaster but poorly attempted in 1995.

After being discouraged, he denied the plan for the continuity of the events. Australia, following the Suit, made Malta a Sole country to celebrate these functions. It was finally decided to celebrate International Men’s Day on 19 November by the Teelucksingh as his father’s birthday and a role model for him.

International Men’s Day Date

Friday19 November2021
Saturday19 November2022
Sunday19 November2023
Tuesday19 November2024
Wednesday19 November2025

International Men’s Day Statistics

As one of the main key objectives for International Men’s Day is to maintain men’s health status mentally and physically and well-being, we will mention some of the statistics arranged along with the objective.

  • The percentage of rough sleepers, which are men about 87%
  • The suicides by men are about 76%
  • The people who go missing are male, about 73%
  • The men suffering from high cholesterol are about 26%
  • Of the people facing mental health problems, about 22% are men
  • The people who are alcohol dependant are about 8.7%

International Men’s Day Celebration

Everyone has their own choice of how they want to celebrate International Men’s Day. Some of these choices are here as follows.

  • Arrange an event or a seminar
  • Reinvent yourself
  • Spend most time with your family
  • Channel your feelings
  • Participate in a social event
  • Acknowledge the contribution of men
  • Celebrate in special Manners resembling women’s day
  • Donate to cause with mental health

International Men’s Day Activities

Donate a charity to men so that they may live a better life standard. The charity may also help to other disastrous diseases so they may live a disease-free life. Organizations are also working for their better status. The obvious object is to keep men free from abuse and home violence.

Furthermore, you can learn more about an influential man by reading a book, whether enjoying a movie that deeply impacts the audience. By building a positive relationship and good ethics with men is a necessary goal. You can also check your family belonging to the male gender and best friends who are your fellows, how they are doing?

If we all are happy at home, that is half of our goal. Last but not least, International Men’s Day also includes engaging and celebrating the men’s positive contribution to society, family, marriage, community, society, childcare, and the environment. It also emphasis on the emotional, spiritual, and physical values of human being in their society.

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