International Education Day 24 January

International Education Day 24 January
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What is the International Education Day? When is the International Education Day? How to celebrate International Education Day? Why do we celebrate International Education Day? Are you keenly interested to know the answers to all of these questions? Stick upon the article till the end so you may get answers to all these questions. Stay tuned and connect with us to grab all the exciting and fantastic information. Hurry up, let’s do it together.

International Education Day History

For the first time, International Education Day was observed on the 24th of January in 2019. This year in 2022, it would be the third anniversary to proclaim the motto that education comes under the basic needs of every person. Profess it wide-awake, and the UN has determined to preach its message to every corner of the world and reflect a clear impact on the whole world.

UN is also working for the welfare and betterment of education that it keeps inside. A civilized individual, an educated individual, and a civilized society is not easy to grow; it requires a long time to get to its destination. It also involves optimism and opportunities.

International Education Day Theme

Theme 2020

International Day of Education Theme
International Education Day Theme

Theme 2020 highlights the intermixed nature of education, its centrality to our collective development aim, and its humanistic aim.

  • Learning for People
  • Learning for Prosperity
  • Learning for Planet
  • Learning for Peace

Theme 2021

Having an eye on Covid-19 Pandemic, 2021 Year’s ambition was

  • Recover
  • Revitalize
  • Education for the Covid-19 Generation

Theme 2022

2022 Theme is slightly different from the previous years, “Changing Course, and Transforming Education.” The UN promulgates the theme, and the purpose of this theme is the revival of education by welcoming and strengthening it.

International Education Day Celebration

In 2022, on the 24th of January, we will celebrate the 4th anniversary of International Education Day. It is described in detail by UNESCO’s Future of Education Report. Transforming has some requirements such as urgent rebalancing, our relations with nature, each other, and technology. The theme and objective of International Education Day 2022 will showcase most of the essential transformations. It will nourish everyone’s education rights and build a more inclusive, sustainable, and peaceful future. It will enable us to generate the debate to strengthen education, support teacher, safeguard the planet, unlock the potential of every person, and steer digital information. Future of Education Report highlights these points.

  • How learning and gain Knowledge can shape the Future of:
    a) Planet
    b) Humanity
  • Education needs to be rethought in Whole World

International Education Day Challenges

International Day of Education Challenges
International Education Day Challenges

Education for children works as a ladder to remove them from poverty and provide a future path.

  • Children and adolescents that have no opportunity to complete their school-level education are about 258 million.
  • Adolescents and children who cannot do basic math and even can not read are about 617 million.
  • In African Sub-Sahara, Girls that have completed lower secondary education are less than 40%.
  • Children and refugees that are out of school are four million.
  • The right to Education is being Violated, and it is also unacceptable.
  • The poverty cycle can only be broken by creating gender equality and lifelong opportunities.
  • Education is also a key component of Sustainable Development by 2030.

Covid-19 and Education

Education is disrupted by Covid-19 globally. The effects of learning are severe during pandemics. The crisis came to the education system affected a lot of learners, about 1.6 billion. Every country in the world transformed to remote education, having a vast effect on learners and students. The school closure is risking and alarming that most of the learners and students will never come back again to school.

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