Indian Covid Variant: Here is why You should be Worried!

Indian Covid Variant is spreading at an alarming rate. This strain has the potential to cause another pandemic to happen.
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There is hardly any country where lockdown hasn’t taken place due to coronavirus. It has infected more than 180 countries. Still now, many parts of the world are in lockdown. But now, scientists are concerned more than ever. The Reason? Indian Covid variant B1617.

Why Indian Covid Variant B1617 is a cause of concern?

Indian Variant B1617 is the new reason for worry for the world. Why? Because it is spreading at an alarming rate. It first emerged in October 2020 in India and now has infected people from 50 countries. According to World Health Organization, the Indian variant should be a global concern as its spreading pace is more than any other variant.

It is speculated by WHO that this Indian Variant can cause another global Pandemic. It spreads more than two times than the first Wuhan strain that appeared in China in 2019.

Brief Detail of Variant B1617:

There are three versions of B1617 strains:

1) B1617–1

2) B1617–2

3) B1617–3

B1617–1 strain’s spreading pace is slow, and B1617–3 is rare and not found everywhere. However, B1617–2 is the most commonly occurring variant infecting thousands of people each day. This is the strain that is causing concern among scientists and world leaders.

Indian Corona Virus Variant
Indian Corona Virus Variant is affecting thousands of lives right now

According to Professor Teo Yik, dean of the National University of Singapore, B1617 Indian Covid strain can lessen the protection conferred due to vaccination.

Hans Kluge, WHO European Director, has warned that the chances of the pandemic being over are slim unless 70 percent of people get their vaccine shots. He further said at one point that we cannot win the war against coronavirus without mass vaccination.

Alarming Spread of Indian Covid Strain: What should people do?

People must follow the general guidelines set by (WHO):

1) Wear Mask.

2) Maintain Social distancing

3) Use sanitizers.

4) wash hands properly for 20 seconds.

5) Avoid unnecessary traveling as much as you can.

6) Always encourage others to follow covid protocols.

7) Get Vaccinated!

Always follow these guidelines to save yourself. With the spread of Indian covid variant B1617, coronavirus is becoming too strong to defeat. However, with the approvals of vaccines, there is still hope. Till then, keep that Proverb in mind: Prevention is better than cure.

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