Independence Day of Mexico: See How Mexicans Celebrate!

Independence Day of Mexico: See How Mexicans Celebrate!
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The best place to visit on the 16th of September is Mexico. Why? Because on 16 September, Mexico got independence. On this day, the country is ornamented with many glamorous objects and Mexicans sing. It is a day of National holiday in the country with a rich history. If you want to learn more about Independence Day of Mexico, its history, and how Mexicans celebrate, then stay with us till the end!

History of Independence Day of Mexico:

Mexicans celebrate the independence of their country from Spain. In 1810, Mexico got independence when the war ended which lasted for over 11 years. This end is followed after “The day of the cry of Dolores” (on September 15). No surprise, the day is marked by a national holiday and remarkable festivals take place in major Mexican cities such as Capital Mexico City, Jalisco, etc. This day is filled with national pride, mariachi concerts, and Sabrosa food.

Mexican war of independence:

It can be considered as a civil war as it was an armed conflict. On 16th September, A catholic priest, Miquel Hidalgoy Costilla also known as Father Hidalgo, with the issuing of his “Cry of Dolores” launched a war against Spain. It was the end of racial inequality and the rule of Spain in Mexico. Hidalgo was executed after some initial successes, but other peasant leaders followed him who led armies of natives against Spain.

How did Mexico get independence?

Ironically, the one who ultimately brought independence was the Royalists (made up of Mexicans of Spanish descent). A new government promised reforms to the Mexican people when liberals took power in Spain. In 1821, the leader of royal forces, Agustin De Iturbide, negotiate the Plan of Iguala. According to the plan, Mexico would be established as independent sovereignty, the catholic church’s privileged position would be maintained, and Mexicans would be considered as equals to the people of Spain.

Why Independence Day of Mexico is often Confused with Cinco De Mayo?

Sometimes, the Independence day of Mexico is often confused with Cinco De Mayo by the American people. But contrary to the popular belief, Cinco De Mayo is celebrated on the 5th of May. During the Franco-Mexican war in 1862, the Mexican army beat France’s army at the Battle of Puebla. Hence, Cinco De Mayo should not be confused with Mexican independence day as independence is celebrated on the 16th of September.

Remembering The First Revolt:

It is a tradition in Mexico to honor the legacy of Father Hidalgo. This is done by the President himself. On the night of 15th September, according to Mexican folk ware, Hidalgo went into the church in the town of Dolores to ring the bell and told the villagers that they need a revolt. To follow this tradition, the president of Mexico on the night of 15th September, step out on the balcony ring the bell, and gave a speech.

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Celebration of Mexico’s Independence Day:

Mexicans celebrate their independence day with parties, fireworks, food, music, and traditional dance. Flowers, Decoration, and Flags in the Mexican flag colors- green, red and white can be seen in public areas, buildings, and towns in Mexico.

Independence day of Mexico
Mexican Independence Day Celebrations.

Independence day is a national public holiday in Mexico and banks, offices, schools are also closed. In major cities, some streets are also closed to make celebrations safe for citizens.

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What to do in order to observe Mexican Independence Day?

If you want to observe Mexican independence day you need to do three steps. The first step is to grab a table at a local Mexican restaurant. You don’t have to be Mexican to enjoy Independence day of Mexico. Just like you don’t have to be Irish to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. Just enjoy the festival with your favorite food and an ice-cold Cerveza.

The second step is to wave the Mexican flag. No matter where you live, whether you are Mexican or not, just fly Mexican flags of red, white, and green color to celebrate Mexican’s Independency with them. This step represents unity between the Mexican people and is considered a positive gesture.

The third step is to lookout or listen to the live broadcast. This live broadcast is of El Grito De Dolores’s reenactment. When the president gives El Grito De Doroles, settle down in front of your Tv sets. This broadcast was completed with the ringing of the bell as per the tradition of Mexico.

Wrapping Up:

All-inclusive, it doesn’t matter whether you are from Mexican or not, you can always observe and enjoy the independence day of Mexico as it is a symbol of peace, unity, and happiness. Just like other nations, Mexicans also celebrate their day with enthusiasm as these days remind them of their glorious past and their struggle to win freedom and equality.

Do let us know in the comment section down below about how you are going to celebrate independence Day of Mexico.

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