Independence day food deals 2021 | Pakistan Azadi deals

Independence day food deals 2021 | Pakistan Azadi deals
⟶ Independence day food deals 2021 | Pakistan Azadi deals
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No doubt 14 August is the day of celebration for every Pakistani. People in Pakistan celebrate Independence day in various ways. From a child swirling flags to an 80 years old person telling patriotic stories, all have their unique way to show love for the country. At the same time, people from different social classes take part in the celebration as per their affordability. A street broker decorating the stall or a company’s CEO giving treats to his workers, all have the same enthusiasm and patriotism. The best way to celebrate this occasion is to share your happiness with others. I think the food sellers know this technique very well. That is why similar to every year many restaurants owners offering independence day food deals of 2021.

Independence day is just a few days away. Restaurants in many cities of Pakistan have started discount food deals to make customers happy. There is a range of different percentages of discount offers in various food points. Almost in all cities, restaurants are offering independence day food deals. It’s a good way to celebrate Azaadi going out and having meals with family. The joy doubles when you get a discount on your favorite food.

We are Pakistanis and our happiness starts from food. It’s not possible to celebrate an event without delicious meals. That is why on the occasion of Independence day don’t forget to buy your favorite meal at discount rates. If you are looking for Independence day food deals 2021, here is the list of good points giving discount offers.

Optp, Independence day food deals 2021

Optp has franchises in more than 15 cities of Pakistan. They are enlisting 2 Azadi deals. One meal includes 2 Pakistani (special) burgers and large chips in just 499. The other meal comprises 3 premium thin-crust Pakistani (special) tikka pizzas for just 998 rupees.

Cities: 15 cities of Pakistan

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Broadway pizza Azadi meals

This pizzeria has branches in 7 cities of Pakistan. You can buy a 13 inches pizza and get a 10 inches pizza free in the Azadi deal. The discount is valid till 30 August 2021.

Cities: Multan, Lahore, Karachi, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi, Faislabad, and Islamabad.

Broadway independence day food deals 2021
Broadway discount deal

Sufi Xprs food dicounts

They are offering 2 Azadi deals that are complete meals for two-person. Get your friend and enjoy the special Azadi meal. On both menus, Sufi is offering 2 chicken burgers, regular fried, 6 pcs nuggets, and 2 soft drinks at a very reasonable price of 750 rupees. The flavor of burgers is different in both deals. The offer is valid till 14 August.

Cities: Islamabad, Lahore.

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Food panda Azadi codes

Everyone’s favorite food panda has come with the best discount offer of Independence day. They are sharing two deals, one is a discount code and another one is a promo code. In promo code, food panda is offering up to 50% off on discount offers. This code will be valid till 15 August. Also, They have shared a discount code worth 200 rupees. You can get a 200 discount on any meal worth more than 300 rupees. This code is only applicable for the first order. This code is valid from 1st to 14th August 2021. So what are you waiting for?

Cities: Not to mention, almost every city of Pakistan

Cheezy bites, Independence day food deals 2021

Cheezy Bite has a slogan of independence “Khao Azadi Se.” They are offering 14% off on the entire menu on this occasion. They are giving availability of Dine-In, Take away and also Free home delivery.
Offer valid for 14th August 2021 Only

City: Sahiwal

Cheezy bites Azadi offer, independence day food deals
Cheezy bites Azadi offer

Cheese N Sauce discount offers

This independence day Cheeze N Sauce came with the most exciting deals at your doorstep. They are inviting you to celebrate this Azadi with their exclusive discount Meals. Additionally, you will get 10% off on giving a review of your previous order. You can get home delivery of food as well. They are offering 4 different deals on delicious burgers.

City: Karachi
Note: Only delivery is available within timings: 5:00 PM – 1:00 AM

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M.M Real foods off price meals

M.M Real Food has also brought amazing Azaadi Deals. If you are not many fans of fast food like pizza and burgers, you can get savory Chinese dishes at less prices here. The discount is available till 14th August.
Imagine having a dinner of 3 dishes including hot and sour red chicken, egg-fried Chowmein, and chicken shashlik. Also getting a soft drink for just 750 rupees. Isn’t it highly affordable? Check out the other meals at less prices here:

City: Karachi

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Shef on call, Independence day food deals 2021

If you are a sweet tooth person and want to celebrate a sugary independence day, try Shef on call. But you can only book your order till the 12th of August. After that booking will be closed. They have a vast range of donuts, cookies, and cakes. Also, they are offering some Chinese flavors including chicken Chowmein and chicken dumplings. They are offering 6 deals at discount prices.

Cities: Karachi and Lahore

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Highway cafe & grill independence day meals

This Cafe has brought various varieties of fast food deals at less prices. The offer will start from 10 and end on 20 August 2021. Their offerings are valid for dine-in only. Along with 7 fast food deals they are also giving 14% discount on Desi food.

City: Bahawalpur

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Rahat pizza and fast food GB

Their deals are best for family dine-in. You can get 4 shawarma in as less as 399 rupees. They are offering seven Azaadi meals in total. Check here for more spicy discounts.

Cities: Gilgit and Baltistan

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Burgology, Independence day food deals 2021

According to Burgology “GHABRANA NAE HAI!” Because their spicy deals are on the way to make your independence day flavorful. There all the discount meals are of 399 rupees only. You can get different varieties of burgers and sandwiches here. There Azadi deals are valid till 22nd August 2021.

City: Karachi

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Cafe rooftop Azadi discount

Celebrate Independence Day With Cafe Rooftop as their prices are shockingly low. You can get 14 Zinger Burgers in just 1400 rupees. It means a zinger burger will only cost a hundred rupees. This deal is amazing to throw a food party with friends or give them a treat. On another offer, you can get, 14% discount on meals of more than 1500 rupees. Both offerings are best for spending time with family and friends. So what’s your plan?
Their offer has begun and is only Valid Till 14 August.

City: Karachi

Rooftop independence day food deals 2021
Rooftop independence day deal 2021

We hope you have found your dream discount in the list above. In case we have missed any food points, let us know in the comments. Enjoy your Azadi with delicious food and share your happiness with others.

In case, your child has to perform on independence day, we have some award-winning independence day speeches for you.

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