Imran Khan maintains silence on Uyghur Genocide! Why?

Imran Khan answers the queries about Uyghur Muslims
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The Uyghur Muslims crackdown in China is recently the talk of the town. The recent interview of Imran Khan has brought answers to all the unsettled rumours of world politics. Was the controversial question asked to disturb the reliable Pak-China relations? Well, there could be thousands of possible reasons. Why Jonathan did not ask about the Muslims of Palestine, Kashmir, Syria? Are they not suffering from the atrocities of non-Muslims? Why only Uyghur Muslims? Let’s dig into further details and figure out the reason.

Relations of Pakistan and China

China and Pakistan have been great friends for the past few years. The countries have been together in their toughest times. Connected by Karakoram Highway, the two states not only share the boundary but also share long-standing ties.

A clear example of bilateral ties is the CPEC Project. Furthermore, China has always been the first to rescue Pakistan in a tough time. However, the world is upset with PM Imran Khan for not speaking up for Uyghur Muslims. Khan is a fierce defender of Muslims and has often schooled many leaders for encouraging Islamophobic Content. However, people find it peculiar of him to be silent on this genocide.

PM Imran Khan | recent interview

In a recent interview, Khan was asked about such happenings to which his response was surprising. He mentioned that talks are being made behind closed doors. Moreover, PM stressed upon their friendship saying that China has always been there for Pakistan in the time of need. PM also mentioned that they respect China. During the struggle of the economy, China was the first to rescue Pakistan.

Mr.Khan in the same interview cleared that he would never allow the US to use Pakistan’s base for their Afghan Operations. This was highly appreciated by Pakistanis as the #Absolutelynot was trending on Twitter.

The PM while targeting the Western World mentioned the death of thousands of Kashmiris. He was courageous enough to put forward the hypocrisy of the Western world by mentioning Kashmir. Furthermore, he highlighted that 800,000 Indian troops have open prisons in Kashmir. He considered it as “HYPOCRISY.” PM cleared his stance by saying his major focus is security within the borders. Therefore, the Kashmir issue will always be the first priority for Pakistan.

Internationally, the United States Congress has reported that China has carried out a genocide against the Uyghur Muslims. However, PM’s efforts to combat Global Islamophobia is praiseworthy. Every story has two sides. This could be propaganda by European countries to suppress the Chinese power.

Well, things are quite complexed to address now. There is a general fact that every nation’s outrage is usually selective. The policies are based on their own self-interest. They usually eliminate moral and ethical values.

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