Hum Kahan ky Sachy thy | Umera Ahmed new drama on Hum

Hum Kahan ky Sachy thy | New drama on Hum tv
⟶ Hum Kahan ky Sachy thy. It is Umera Ahmed new drama serial on Hum
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The first episode of Writer Umera Ahmed’s new drama has received nearly Two million views within 24 hours on YouTube. Yep, No Kidding! Umera Ahmed is known for writing amazing Novels. She has written super hits novels like Pir-e-Kamil, Aab-e-Hayat, La Hasil, and many more. Her other hit novel Hum Kahan ky Sachy thy is currently airing on Hum Tv. The first episode was released yesterday. Twitterattis is praising this serial. What is the story and how many stars are there in this serial? Know from us.

The New Drama serial is one of the most read novels by Umera Ahmed. It has now turned into a Drama serial directed by Farooq Rind. Farooq Rind has also directed Pyar Ke Sadqy and Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

Actress Zainab Qayoom posted on Instagram that she will be part of this new drama. She is playing the role of Shagufta.

Welcome Back Mahira Khan trended on Twitter:

Mahira Khan is, without a doubt, one of the most famous actresses in Pakistan. She has won many awards including Lux Style Award for Best Television Actress. Not only that, but She has also done a movie with Bollywood’s biggest star Shah Rukh Khan.

After 6 long years, Mahira Khan is making her comeback on Tv. She will be portraying the character of Mehreen. She posted this on 8th July.

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Fans are criticizing her casting. Many think that she is too old to be playing such characters. However, many fans also supported her. The production house is of Momina Duraid.

Other Cast members are

  • Kubra Khan ( portraying the role of Mashal)
  • Usman Mukhtar ( portraying the role of Aswad)
  • Zainab Qayoom,
  • Huma Nawab
  • Omair Rana
  • Shamim Hilali
  • Haroon Shahid, and many more.

Kubra Khan will be Antagonist while Mahira Khan will be the protagonist.

Story of Hum Kahan ky Sachy thy serial | Release date, time, and Production:

The story includes Mahira Khan as Mehreen, Kubra Khan as Mashal, and Usman Mukhtar as Aswad. Aswad, Mehreen, and Mashal are cousins. They also live in the same house and quarrel frequently. Mashal and Mehreen study together in college. Umera Ahmed is known for perfectly depicting social norms. In this novel, she perfectly depicted how much there is competition between cousins.

Everyone loves Mashal. Aswad is also in love with her. Mehreen is the perfect example of how Parent’s fighting affect their children.

In addition to this, Mehreen is anti-social because of her parents’ actions. You can witness this drama story every Sunday. The details are:

Release date: The release date of Drama is 1st August.

Timing: It will be telecasted every Sunday at 8 pm.

Sponsors: Mezan, Itel, Masters Paint

Channel: Hum tv

Productions: Momina Duraid, and Nina Kashif

Genre: Mystery and Melodrama.

In the novel, Mashal dies. Aswad thinks it is because of Mehreen. So, in revenge, he marries her. However, there is still a twist, and the serial ending will give you an important message.

All in all, Umera Ahmed’s new drama on Hum Tv Hum Kahan ky Sachy Thy is going to be one of the biggest hit in Pakistan;’s drama industry in 2021. Hum Tv has always provided top-quality dramas. This drama serial is also featuring top Pakistani stars such as Mahira Khan and Kubra Khan. Let’s see how the public reacts to this drama when it ends. Do comment your views on this Umera Ahmed’s new novel and Hum tv new drama serial!

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