How to Prepare for PPSC Exams for Educators?

How to Prepare for PPSC Exams for Educators
⟶ How to Prepare for PPSC Exams for Educators
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Punjab Public Service Commission is going to recruit educators very soon. Educated people find themselves in a dilemma as to How to Prepare for PPSC Exams and where to prepare. If you are also facing this problem then I am going to give you some very important tips and tricks for preparing for the PPSC exam. How can you achieve great success in the PPSC exam? Read the full article to find out the answer.

PPSC Educators Test Pattern 2021:

The test for primary school teachers will consist of the syllabus up to matriculation. The Elementary School Teacher Post Test will be composed of an intermediate-level syllabus. Moreover, the Secondary School Teacher Test will be prepared from the syllabus up to graduation level including General Knowledge and Current Affairs. Generally, the PPSC test consists of the following subjects;

  • General Knowledge
  • Current Affairs
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • General Science/Everyday Science
  • Basic Arithmetic
  • English

How to Prepare for PPSC Exam?

You can prepare for the PPSC written exams by following these instructions:

Text Books:

The first priority of the candidates for the preparation of PPSC exams should be the textbooks issued by the government. If you want to prepare for PPSC Educators Exam, then collect the textbooks up to the level for which you want to prepare according to the test pattern mentioned above and prepare from them. Highlight the important points and make separate notes on them. This way you can prepare in the best way. Also, make a proper schedule for studying in a day.

Textbook image to Prepare for PPSC Exams

PPSC Past Papers:

Previous PPSC papers can provide you with some basic guidelines about the PPSC test method. So get into the PPSC past papers related to your subject and GK and try to solve them by reading them once. In this way, you will be able to know about your potential in which subjects you need more preparation for.

Also, there are a number of questions that get repeated in these tests. These repeated questions will also give you a bottom line from which level you should start your preparation. I have provided links to past papers at the end of this article. You can get into past papers in pdf. Moreover, you can purchase Imtiaz Shahid’s past papers book. This book contains a section carrying the most important questions regarding Urdu.

Make Notes from past papers to Prepare for PPSC Exams
Make Notes from past papers

Helping Books for PPSC Test Preparation:

After getting an idea from the past papers that what needs to be prepared, the candidates do search for some book from where they could prepare all the material. In this regard, the Carvan Publishers’ by Ahmad Najeeb is highly beneficial for PPSC test preparation. Also, this book covers almost all the areas from which the questions may be asked in these tests.

Another source that consists of important content for the preparation of these tests is Ilmi’s GK Capsules. The links to the above-mentioned books are given below. You can get into these books in pdf.

Books to Prepare for PPSC Exams

Newspapers and News | How to Prepare for PPSC Exams

When you are going to prepare yourself for PPSC Exams, it’s essential to be in touch with the newspaper. Develop a habit to read a newspaper daily. Also, enjoy the news on news channels. If you don’t like to sit before the TV and view news channels, then you can subscribe to news channels on YouTube or other social media. Moreover, you can prepare notes on the current affairs from the newspapers as well as news channels.

Read Newspaper to Prepare for PPSC Exams
Read Newspaper to prepare for PPSC Exam

Some Tips to Prepare for PPSC Exam:

  • To prepare for the PPSC exam more efficiently, try to arrange group studies with your friends as well as fellows. Group study enhances mutual knowledge and also information which makes exam preparation excellent.
  • Always keep your focus on the important points and also make notes by highlighting them.
  • Before preparation, you should take a deep review whole syllabus scheme given by PPSC.
  • Never cram just before the exam.
  • Moreover, you must keep calm during exam preparation. Don’t be panic about preparation. Just relax your nerves and keep your mind relax.
Group Study
Group study

Take regular intervals during the study.

  • This practice will help you to study more effectively.
  • Moreover, bring consistency in your study routines. As we know consistency is a silent key to every success. So set tasks and plans for your syllabus and try to complete those defined goals within define times.
  • Also, make a study schedule.
Make Timetable for studying
Make Timetable for Studying

I hope these tips will prove beneficial for all those candidates who are preparing for the PPSC exams. Now you have found answer to your question how to prepare for PPSC Exams for Educators. So do comment in the comment box and let us know about your views as well as feedback regarding this article. For the latest updates stay tuned with us.

We wish good luck to all aspirants!

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