How Solar Panels Generate Electricity? Learn from NaeTaze.

How Solar panels generate electricity: Read the ultimate guide
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Want to know How solar panels generate electricity. Then You have found the right Article! Solar energy is an important source of power in the modern world. As the population is increasing and more and more gadgets are being manufactured every day, more electricity is required. This has resulted in Climate change. Climate change is a harsh reality. That is why Renewable energy, especially solar energy, is the need of the hour. But what is the best renewable energy source? Solar energy.

Abundant sunlight reaches Earth every day. But it is almost impossible to convert this technology into energy unless we use a specific technology. This Technology is Solar Panel.

How Solar Panels generate electricity- Check out the Steps:

Solar Panel is a plate-like structure that consists of Silicon, a metal frame, and a glass casing surrounded by wiring. Electricity generation from solar energy without this structure is not possible. A solar panel consists of many solar cells.

Following are the steps in the production of electricity with the help of solar panels:

1) Sunlight falling on Solar Panels:

The very step in electricity generation from solar energy is placing panels in such a location that sunlight completely falls on their surface. This sunlight activates solar cells which will initiate the first step in electricity generation.

2) Solar Cells Produce electricity:

Solar cells are thin semiconductor wafers and have two silicon layers. One layer of solar cell is positively charged and the other layer is negatively charged. Light energy activates and energizes the cells and the release of electrons takes place. Thus, the electron travels in the electric field.

3) Generation and conversion of currents:

This movement of electrons generates Direct Current (DC) electricity within the solar cell.

This DC flows into the inverter. Here, this DC is converted into AC (Alternating current).

4) AC (Alternating current) is used to operate Electric Appliances:

This AC (Alternating current) is used in powering appliances. We use this current generated from solar cells to operate home appliances.

How much Solar power can my Roof generate?

If you are wondering how much solar power can your roof generates, then the answer to this is that there is no definite answer. It depends on the size and the Quantity of the panels. If the size of the panel is more then it will produce more electricity. Similarly, more panels mean more electricity.

However, there are some recommendations about this technology. It is likely to achieve top production when Solar Panels face South with a tilt of 30 degrees to 45 degrees.

Net metering is used to track how much Solar energy is produced and how much it is stored. If you are not at home, you can store this extra generated solar energy. You can use this extra energy later on.

Solar Panels generate electricity when more sunlight falls on their surface. The importance of Solar energy is increasing with each passing year due to advancement in solar cells technology.
Solar Panels generate electricity when more sunlight falls on their surface.

Do Solar Panels work in winter or during cloudy days?

People often don’t know whether Solar panels work in winter or not. The answer is that Solar panels do not efficiently generate electricity in winter or during cloudy days as Panels don’t receive proper sunlight. However, there is a solution. Now some technologies facilitate us to store excess solar energy/electricity and later utilize it in the winter or during cloudy days.

Best Location for Installation of Solar Panels:

The best location for installation is:

1) The site where there is no excessive dust in the air. So, more dust will fall on the panel. This will decrease the efficiency of this technology.

2) It is not feasible to install in the deserts due to dust storms.

3) It is not feasible to install panels on such sites where it rains or snows regularly.

4) Sun rich area where sunlight falls more than 6 hours a day is ideal.


There is no doubt that solar energy has become a necessity. Reports are that the World will face a shortage of fossil fuels and hydropower energy sources in the coming decades. So, the shift to solar energy is inevitable and we are witnessing this shift as the years are passing. To achieve this shift efficiently, there must be an advancement in the technology of solar cells and other related technologies to better utilize the sun’s potential. Solar panels generate electricity by harnessing the sunlight in such a way that it can benefit everyone everywhere. Water and fossil fuel can go into crisis but there won’t be any shortage of sunlight. So, it is about time for the world to go SOLAR!

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