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Harassment on Minar e Pakistan
⟶ Harassment on Minar e Pakistan
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Since the news of the Tik Toker girl’s harassment on Minar e Pakistan went viral many other factors are coming out behind this incident. According to some sources that woman Ayesha Akram held an unauthorized fan meeting that day. She invited her fans on social media to meet her on Minar e Pakistan on independence day.

The girl gathered a huge crowd by herself without informing authorities. That was the reason there was no security at the event. Things went wrong when her fans started molesting her. Many people are condemning Ayesha that it was her wrongdoing that caused chaos.

But was that the only incident that happened on this day? Even if Ayesha was wrong but what about the other girls who went with families and kids just to enjoy independence? Here we are going to share an incident of another harassment on Minar e Pakistan. It happened on the same day. Let’s get into details about how the girl fought for herself.

Brave girl saved herself from harassment on Minar e Pakistan

Recently some videos are getting viral on social media. There was a woman who came with her family and kids same day on Minar e Pakistan. She was holding her kid on her lap when a mob attacked her. Those characterless men did not even care about the child and started touching her. They were hundreds and they pulled the woman far from her family.

She was holding a flag. That brave woman took the flag stick and started beating everyone who was trying to touch her. In the video, we can see she is lifting the child in one hand and using a stick to save her dignity. It was shocking to see how that bunch of coward vultures was moving away when the woman swirled her stick.

At first, they did not care about the stick when the woman threatened her. However, when She beat up a few men who touched her, the other went away. This is the courage every woman of Pakistani society needs to gain. Rather, either you will be proved characterless or you will be fighting your case for years in high courts.

After those men were pushed away by the stick, a policeman who was not aware of what’s happening in the crowd was able to see that woman. Then he rushed forward and rescued her.

Anyhow, the police department neither filed any report nor took any action against the uncontrolled mob. However, it was not a single case happened that day. There were multiple incidents and many females faced harassment there. But no woman filed an FIR as they knew that in return they will be blamed.

Other woman who faced harassment on Minar e Pakistan

Till now there is no information about the woman’s whereabouts and her name. She did not appear in public not she filed any report. Maybe she was among those families who stay quiet for sake of dignity. Women know well that whatever they say, the patriarchal society will blame them.
The same happened in Quratul ain case. The woman who got killed by her drunk husband. Still, people were blaming her that why she was staying with him. However, in the other case, a woman Noor Muqaddam wanting to get rid of abusive relations got killed by her boyfriend on the accuse of cheating. In that case, the society raised questions about her character.

Anyhow this time what the woman did to save herself is the best way to live in Pakistani society. Now it’s becoming necessary for women to learn self-defense.

Ayesha Akram Case, Victim or Mastermind?

Also, some questionable videos of Tik Toker Ayesha came out after the incident of harassment on Minar e Pakistan. She also kept posting her photos as usual after the incident. But when the videos came out she suddenly appeared on the interview crying and blaming. In the interview, She also kept it secret that the molesters were her fans.

But eyewitnesses and some viral videos are telling another story of a controversial fan meetup. Some are also claiming that it was all preplanned. God knows better if it’s victim-blaming or she used a woman’s card for publicity. However, if it’s a case of publicity stunt then the government of Pakistan must look into this matter so that nobody again risks the country’s image for own purposes.

Not all men?

Lastly, there is a debate raised on Twitter that all men or not all men are harassers. According to eyewitnesses of Ayesha Akram’s case, many men were trying to save her. A 90-year-old person took off his shawl and gave it to the TikToker when her dress was torn apart. Her fiance was also there trying to cover her with his arms.

But due to a huge crowd of molesters, the people who were trying to save her were unable to reach her. In Pakistan, there are thousands of women who go to work outside their homes. There are rare filed cases on workplace harassment. But even if not all men, there is a majority of them. And the issue is that nobody can identify between a protector and harasser.

Also, read shocking comments of Khalil ul Rehman on Noor Muqaddam case. What’s the public reaction to it?

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