Happy Kiss a Ginger Day 12 January

Happy Kiss a Ginger Day 12 January
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Kiss a Ginger Day, each year celebrated on 12 January, shows affection and love for your redhead and gives them a peck at the special event. It is commemorated to give more love to those teased for their hair colour to create more positivity than it encounters. The red hair gene is recessive, and it requires two copies to express itself. But, still, we have no guaranty whether it expresses itself or not. If this gene is present in both parents, it will count for 1/4 chances for its expression. If you are interested in getting all the information about Kiss a Ginger Day, stay tuned and connected with us.

Kiss a Ginger Day History

In 2009, Kiss a Ginger Day was founded by Derek Forgie. It became an alternative source for redheads celebration, uniqueness compared to that day which focuses on bullying.

Kiss a Ginger Day Observance

It’s amazing and easy while kissing a redhead without saying a single word. Sometimes, you may not have the permission, then don’t. Show a little kindness. Use hashtags to share it on social media.

Kiss a Ginger Day Duration

2022Wednesday12 January
2023Thursday12 January
2024Friday12 January
2025Sunday12 January
2026Monday12 January
Kiss a Ginger Day Duration

Kiss a Ginger Day Activities

Kiss a Ginger One:

You are a lucky person and have ginger ( someone special) in your life, go ahead and kiss him. The choice is yours, whether it is one or two.

Kiss a Ginger Day Activities
Kiss a Ginger Day Activities

Do Nice for Readhead:

You are not only limited to having ne or more kisses for the redhead, but you may opt to do something good for someone special in your life, especially for ginger. It can be as simple as cooking a meal, sharing or exchanging gifts; furthermore, it may be a huge surprise of having jewellery or a weekend trip for your loved one.

Enjoy movies and songs renowned by Gingers:

There are so many celebrities we love while having redheads in our lives. Take time to enjoy their work in movies and songs.

Why Love Kiss a Ginger Day

Gingers or Readhead’s are Rare:

Redheads are less common. It is a specific condition in which fewer chances are present. In addition, to have a redhead child, there is a need for recessive alleles from both parents to avail this condition.

Why Love Kiss a Ginger Day
Why Love Kiss a Ginger Day

Furthermore, the red hair colour is also a source of fun and amusement for artists, and they never resist it. We move worldwide and marry out of the cast, increasing the chances of reducing people with redheads.

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