Game bun Gayi by Ali Zafar | Why fans are disappointed?

Game bun gayi by Ali Zafar
⟶ Game bun Gayi by Ali Zafar, song review
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Ali Zafar has recently been in talks for his announcement of new song. The announcement was ambiguous as he shared his picture with purple hair on Twitter. The picture had the caption “K-pop in Pakistan?” This tweet went viral within hours and K-pop lovers in Pakistan became so excited. However, when the song Game bun Gayi by Ali Zafar was released yesterday, the fans are quite disappointed. However, there are some fans also supporting him on this song as well. Stay connected till the end of the article to know why fans are disappointed and what they were expecting?

Ali Zafar collab with K-pop music bands

Most of the Twitter users were expecting that Ali Zafar is going to collaborate with any K-pop band. Most of the fans were assuming that this collaboration is with the Korean music band “Little junior.” The reason for this assumption was that the few days Yesung from “Little Junior” uploaded his picture with his friends. The picture had a caption in Urdu language stating “Aj ak haseen raat ha.” The fans in Pakistan were shocked and madly in love with the Urdu caption. And after a few days when Ali Zafar announced K-pop in Pakistan everyone was doubting that there is a song dual between Ali Zafar and Little Juniors.

However, it is not the first time when members from Korean bands used other languages to relate with international fans. Before that, BTS members also spoke in Hindi and send a lovely message to the Indian BTS army. At that time Pakistani BTS army was objecting that their idols do not recognize them. Maybe because of so many comments by Pakistani fans on social media platforms, Yuseng captioned in Urdu. However, the series of related events created a huge misconception. And Pakistani fans were most excited about the upcoming song of Ali Zafar.

Game bun Gayi by Ali Zafar, fans got disappointed

However, when the music video was released on the first day of eid ul Adha, it was a single by Ali Zafar. All the expectations and excitement vanished at the same time. Although it was not the singer’s mistake as he didn’t mention collaboration or dual anywhere on social media. It was the fans who got over-excited knowing the news of K-pop in Pakistan. But the misconception would have never been raised if Ali Zafar said Pk-pop in Pakistan. Fan seemed really dissatisfied on this.

A disappointed fan tweeted on the song game bun Gayi by Ali zafar
A disappointed fan tweeted on the song game bun Gayi by Ali zafar

We all know that many countries have pop music bands similar to Korean music. However, they have unique names such as C-Pop, and J-Pop. The word K-Pop from Ali Zafar automatically heightened the expectation. It came out the song video was in reality a promotional video for a free fire game. Many Netizens argued that Ali Zafar used the word K-pop to increase the hype of his promotional video.

Game bun Gayi by Ali Zafar song review by Twitter fans

However, not only the single song disappointed the fans but also the lyrics and dance. The members of Korean music bands practice day and night for their dance moves. They are well trained by renowned choreographers. Naturally, Ali Zafar could not reach their dance level. But still, he tried and we should admit that it requires guts to try something like this. As for the rapping, it was common as we listen to it frequently in Pakistani and Indian rap music. That is maybe because of cultural differences or language barriers, but the rapping was not even close to K-pop music.

Fan Review of song Game bun Gayi by Ali Zafar
Fan Review of song Game bun Gayi by Ali Zafar

People could appreciate this song only if the lyrics were better. But it seemed that nobody focused on creating meaningful lyrics. If we compare it with BTS or Korean music, their lyrics are meaningful and aspiring. The idols inspire and motivate their army with the lyrics of their songs. Some songs motivate the fans towards life and others help them to work hard to achieve their goals. But in contrast, the lyrics of Game bun gayi were based on sluggish language that was somehow offending. Many supporters of Ali Zafar are arguing that we should not compare him with Korean band members. However, the singer was the one who initiated the comparison and increased the hype.

Fans supporting Ali Zafar to keep trying

Anyhow, the song was good or bad, excited or disappointed, we should never forget that Ali Zafar is the one who at least tries new things for his fans. Purple hair is not Pakistani culture, pop dance is not of Pakistan type. But he tried everything for his fans. He also shared a heartfelt note that:

I have seen increasing admiration for K-pop music in Pakistan. I am not a fan but I am becoming a fan of their fans.

Fans are supporting Ali Zafar on K-pop genre music creation
Fans are supporting Ali Zafar on K-pop genre music creation

It was clear that he tried Korean style music and went out of his comfort zone (traditional music) to bring something new for us. At least we should appreciate his efforts and considerations. Fans are also hopeful that we can initiate a Pk-pop type of music after this. They are optimistic that Ali Zafar can do much better in this kind of music over time.

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