Friends Reunion: The Ups and Downs in the HBO Special

Friends Reunion special on HBO max
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When you watched Friends for the first time, you ever wondered you would one day get to see the reunion of this show? A Tv series that last aired 17 years ago rarely get a callback. Friends tv series started 27 years ago and ended in 2004. Since then, the cast of friends never returned as a group. Then, after 17 years, we got to see the Friends reunion special which is almost two hours long. It was originally planned to happen in 2020 but got delayed. The Reason? Corona Pandemic. Then after an 8-month delay, the Trailor uploaded on HBO max Official YouTube channel on 19th May. On 27th May, it aired across the globe.

Who was part of this Friends Reunion special:

When the news of the reunion surfaced, everyone started wondering what will happen? Will every side character appear in this special? Will chandler be a part of this? (as there were concerns over his health) and Which celebrities will appear in this HBO special? Then, on 19th May we got the answer when the guest list of this special surfaced on social media.

Friends main cast members Mathew Perry (Chandler Bing), Matt Leblanc (Joey Tribbiani), David Schwimmer (Ross Geller), Jennifer Anniston (Rachel Green), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay), and Courtney Cox (Monica Geller) were obviously a part of this. Apart from the main cast, other characters like Gunther, Richard, Jack Geller, Judy Geller, Jill Green, Mr. Heckles appeared in it. Stars like Justine Bieber, Cindy Crawford, Lady gaga, Malala, Kit Harington BTS and many more were also part of this reunion. In short, it was a star-studded special.

The one where Friends cast posed on set
The one where Friends cast posed on set

Start of the Friends Reunion:

The Reunion started with David Schwimmer (Ross) visiting the set. Then, Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) joined him. As they were having chat, Jennifer Anniston (Rachel) came through the door as well. After that, Matt Leblanc (Joey), Courtney Cox (Monica), and Mathew Perry (Chandler) joined them making the main cast complete.

James Corden was the host of the evening. The Couch was right in front of the iconic water fountain. James Corden shared some stats that Friends has been aired in 220 territories and has been watched over 100 billion times. After that, Show creators David Crain and Marta Kaufman appeared and thanked by the main cast. Co-executive producer Kevin Bright was also part of this special.

Friends cast remembered what they took from the set after shooting the last scene. Joey told the secret that Monica used to write her lines on the table. Chandler and Joey were seen relaxing on the chairs as they used to in the show. Then, Stars started their cameos making it even more special. Overall, it is a nearly two-hour-long nostalgia drive.

The “Ups” in this reunion:

1) Fans and cast both seemed happy with this reunion. Fans got to see their favorite characters together. Actors not only got nostalgia but also 2.5–3 million dollars for this special.

2) It was nostalgic for fans. Recreation of the famous episode: “The one with the embryos” brought tears to the eyes of fans. Mr. Heckles made his appearance in that part as well.

3) We got to see the opening credits and got the opportunity to clap 4 times again.

4) Many stars appeared but the best one was when Lady Gaga and Phoebe Buffay both sang smelly cat, one of the famous songs in the show.

5) Almost every side character was part of the reunion. Gunther, Jill Green was virtually present. Jack Geller, Judy Geller, Mr. Heckles, etc. were part of this HBO Max special

6) Famous catchphrases from this show: I know, my eyes and we were on the break made fans laugh.

The “Downs” in this reunion:

1) Paul Rudd (Mike Hannigan) and Cole Sprouse (Ben Geller) were not part of this reunion. Both were a big part of this show. Many termed Mike Hannigan as the seventh Friend. Time arrangement or some sort of virtual message by them should be part of this.

2) It felt rushed. Maggy (Janice) and Tom Selleck (Richard) were not given proper time. The episode could have been a little longer.

3) Segments of David Beckham, Malala, and BTS were somewhat uninteresting.

4) Fans are worried about the health of Mathew Perry (Chandler Bing). Friends Actor looked weak and old.

All-inclusive, it was awesome to see Friends Reunion. For us fans, it was both nostalgic and emotional. Every moment of this HBO Special was worth watching. Seeing Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, Ross, Monica, and Rachel having fun on TV again was heart-warming. Now, many say that It is highly unlikely a Reunion like this will again take place. But, never say never!

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