James Tyler aka Gunther from Friends reveals he has Cancer.

Friends actor James Tyler (Gunther) reveals he has stage 4 cancer.
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This morning, comedy sitcom fans received shocking news about the deteriorating health of Actor James Tyler aka Gunther from Friends. Actor James Tyler reveals he has cancer in a message. He said in a video message that he is battling stage 4 prostate cancer. Tyler was first diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2018. He beat cancer at that time but now it has mutated and is stronger than ever.

Gunther from Friends TV Series talked about his negligence which led to Cancer:

James Tyler (Gunther) then talked about his negligence.

“I didn’t go to the doctor for my routine checkups. As a result, my cancer returned during the start of the covid pandemic and now it had reached my bones and spine. I am now paralyzed. It’s fourth-stage cancer. So you know, it’s going to get me.”

James Tyler in a video message remarked.

Currently, James Tyler is going through Chemotherapy. He said, “I am setting goals. Life is easy when you work for a goal. My previous goal was to witness my 59th Birthday which I did on 28 May. Now, I want to save a life.”

James Tyler (Gunther) revealed he has cancer.
On the left, James Tyler (Gunther) revealing he has cancer. On the right is a photo of him during the Friends shooting.

James Tyler advises others regarding cancer:

Gunther (James Tyler) has some advice for others as well. He suggested to people that Whenever they go next time to their doctor, have a PSA (Prostate Antigen Test). He said it is detectable and treatable and you would not have to go through what he is going through.

James Tyler was not physically present in the Friends reunion which aired on HBO Max. James Corden confirmed that Gunther wanted so bad to be at the reunion but his health couldn’t allow him to join us. The Main Cast of friends and some other people also knew about his cancer and sent him best wishes. James Tyler (Gunther) joined the reunion virtually on the Zoom where he talked about his love and memories for the show.

James Tyler had appeared in all of the ten seasons and over 50 episodes in total. Although he also appeared in Scrubs, Episodes, Just, and Modern Music, but he is widely known to the world as Gunther from Friends. Friends TV series has been aired in over 190 territories and had been watched over 100 Billion Times. Thus, no doubt Gunther is a big name in the world and he is recognized everywhere.

Chances of survival in the fourth stage are low but there are some examples of people recovering even from the fourth stage as well. When Gunther (James Tyler) revealed he has stage 4 cancer, everyone was in disbelief. Fans who just saw him at the Friends reunion couldn’t believe the news. But we must focus on what he has to say now. Let’s all just pray and hope that he recovers quickly and we get to see him on Television again.

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