Free Health and Fitness Online Courses in Pakistan

Free Health and Fitness Online Courses in Pakistan
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You will completely agree with the fact that pandemic has disturbed our lives to a great extent. Moreover, lockdown has severley affected our health and fitness as there is no way to go to gyms and binge eating is a hobby of many of us. During such circumstances, I have an amazing way of balancing health and fitness! Here, I’ll tell you some free health and fitness online courses available internationally that will help you maintain your body’s healthy metabolism. Above all, these courses are free of cost! Some of them also include free certificates. What could be better than that? While sitting at home you can become your own fitness trainer! So, go through the whole article and decide which course is the best for you!

Free Health and Fitness Online Courses

Following is a list of all the free health and fitness online courses that can help you maintain your physical and mental health at the same time!

Science of Exercise | Coursera

Free health and fitness online course (Science of Exercise)
Science of Exercise

If you are a calorie-conscious person and love to exercise, this course is made for you. When you enroll in this course, you will be able to learn the complete science of exercise. This will help you understand how your body responds to exercise physiologically. It will also help you understand the natural factors that affect your physical health and training. You will explore the science of carbohydrates, fats, and protein metabolisms. Doesn’t this seem interesting? Moreover, the course will teach you how to calculate your total daily caloric expenditure and body mass index. Also, there would be active learning assessments that will teach you the implementation of the given knowledge.

Rating 4.8/5
Duration4 weeks with 9 hours’ worth of material.
TeacherRobert Mazzeo, PhD.
CostFree (paid certification available)
SourceUniversity of Colorado Boulder (Coursera)

51 Fitness, Nutrition, Skinny-Fat &Health Myths and Mistakes | Udemy

In the era of social media, we are surrounded by a world that is a mixture of real and fake news. Now and then we come across the information about nutritional and health values of certain food. However, we are not sure the information is credible or not. This course will make you aware of the fitness, nutrition, and health myths & mistakes that people believe blindly.

Calculate your nutritious values to be healthy and fit in online nutrition course
Calculate your nutritious values to be healthy and fit

Moreover, it will help you save your time in excess workouts. So, you won’t need to put in extra effort. It will also help you control the expenses by reducing supplement loads. The course is available free online (only the video content). If you pay for it you will have the access to a certificate of completion, Instructor Q&A, Instructor direct message.

Rating 4.8/5
Duration2hr 4min of on-demand video
TeacherAkash Sehrawat
CostFree (paid certification available)

Health & Fitness: 30-Minute Guide to Supercharge Your Life | Udemy

If you are lazy but want to start working out then this 30 minutes guide is what you need right now. This course will motivate you and would help you become disciplined with your exercise routine. Moreover, it would enhance your nutritional awareness and eliminate excuses. In a nutshell, it would help you to remain consistent with your workout.

Duration33min of on-demand video
InstructorBen Detwiler
CostFree (paid certification available)

Free Physical Fitness Courses | Alison

The physical fitness courses on Alison will help you acquire outdoor and physical education studies. You will learn about effective fitness training principles. Furthermore, you will also get to know about personal fitness management and workout routine management.


Fitness Practitioner | Udemy

Fitness Practitioner course of udemy
Fitness Practitioner

Do you want to be your own fitness coach? Or maybe you avoid going out? Then this course will help you be your own fitness practitioner. This course will clear your vision and would help you choose the best exercises for your body. Further, you’ll have the necessary knowledge of muscles too. Enrol yourself for free and for certification, pay the desired amount.

Rating 4.9/5
Duration 2hr of on-demand video
InstructorZsuzsanna Fajcsak
CostFree (Paid certification available)

Communication and working relationships in sport and fitness | OpenLearn

Communication and working relationships in sport and fitness
Communication and working relationships in sport and fitness

Maintaining a health and fitness routine is hard when you are alone. However, it needs proper communication to build a community of fitness lovers. This course will help you boost your confidence and help in making communication very easy. The assessment will help you in developing your communication skills which include a range of abilities, knowledge, and personal qualities. Moreover, this free course is a great opportunity for those who want certification. This is because on completion you’ll get a free statement of participation and an Open University Digital Badge too.

Duration24 hours of study
Course introduced byJournalist Sue Mott and Open University academic and former Olympic coach Ben Oakley.
CostFree (Statement of participation and university digital badge included)
SourceThe Open University

Exercise and mental health | OpenLearn

Learn the relationship between exercise and mental health.
Learn the relationship between exercise and mental health.

Do you know that physical health is connected with mental well-being? In this lockdown, you are not alone if you are feeling anxious or depressed. Maybe it’s because of limited access to body movement. This course will demonstrate to you the ways to encounter mental health issues through exercise. According to 2017’s statistics, nearly 10.7% of the globe’s population is suffering from mental health disorders. So, to avoid the side effects of medications, one can also try exercise. It will also help in enhancing your mood. Moreover, they will provide a free statement of participation on completion of the course.

Duration2 hours of study
CostFree (Statement of participation will be awarded upon course completion)
SourceThe Open University

10 for 10 Yoga Challenge | Udemy

10 for 10 Yoga Challenge
10 for 10 Yoga Challenge

As we mentioned above that physical and mental health are relational. It means you can get a healthy body by doing peaceful yoga exercises. This course can become an impetus that keeps you motivated for yoga. This is because it will help you do yoga for straight 10 days. Hence, after the mentioned time you would be able to continue yoga leaving behind procrastination.

Duration1hr 48min of on-demand video
InstructorChristina D’Arrigo
CostFree (paid certification available)

The above-mentioned online health and fitness courses with certificates can help you maintain a balance in your physical and mental health. Moreover, it can help you improve your physical health too. Above all, they are free of cost and can boost your confidence when it comes to fitness training. I hope it helped you out! Feel free to ask if you have any queries. Thank you!

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