Food processing is healthy or not? Let’s decide

food processing is unhealthy
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The food after cooking, baking or canning is called as processed food. The use of technology has given rise to different methods of food processing. However, the question is, “Is food processing healthy or not”? The high amount of salt, additives and preservatives always have an adverse effect on human health.

food processing kitchen
This is a commercial kitchen where food is processed.

Food processing | How to stay away from processed foods?

Cooked food is the primary requirement of humans. However, over-cooking is something one needs to avoid. Usually, vitamins are heat sensitive. The high temperature often changes their form and may damage them. Such as Vitamin C, as it loses all of its beneficial properties on heating.

What actually makes processed food less healthy, are the ingredients involved in making it. Salt, sugar, additives, preservatives are added to food to either enhance the flavours or prevent them from microbial attack. Whatever the concern is, such stuff usually damages the nutrients hence, make it unhealthy. They also disturb the balanced diet in the body by increasing levels of salt and sugar.

Pie chart of processed food.
Pie chart of processed food.
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Tips for prevention!

Reducing processed foods from your diet is the best way for you to stay healthy. However, one can never completely eradicate them from the diet. Moreover, you don’t even need to. Reducing them to a lower extent is the best way to a healthy diet.

Smart Shopping

Shop smarter, grab some fresh fruits and vegetables from bulk bin stores. Going towards canned and frozen items shouldn’t be the first priority. 40% of your food items should be fruits and vegetables within a week.

Be creative, cook your own meal!

When you cook your own food, you also cope up with the ingredients. You can use plenty of ideas to make your meal nutritious. This is somehow adventurous because you can prepare your favorite meals with a healthy twist! So go and whip up some healthy food such as couscous salads and veggie chips. Save money and at the same time eat healthy. Isn’t that a great deal?

Switch to less processed meat

Meat such as bacon, sausages, hot dogs goes through a wide food processing. They are less healthy as compared to raw meat. Swap them with poultry and seafood. This will make a huge difference for sure.

Real food list
This is a real food list for you all!
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Ultra-processed food are must to avoid! Why eat food which is sure to damage your metabolism. Eat healthy, avoid processed food and save money at the same time!

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