Five Eyes Canceled New Zealand team’s Pakistan tour!

Five Eyes Canceled New Zealand team's Pakistan tour!
⟶ Five Eyes Canceled New Zealand team's Pakistan tour!
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Earlier on 17th September 2021, the ODI series between New Zealand and Pakistan was about to begin but concerning the security issues, New Zealand backed out at the very last moment leaving behind the fans in extreme disappointment. Today, it became public that the intelligence agency, Five Eyes canceled New Zealand team’s Pakistan tour! Since the news became public, Twitter is outraged and this topic has been trending in the top 4 positions with four different hashtags. Read all about the reasons and factors on the basis of which Five Eyes canceled New Zealand team’s Pakistan tour!

Why did Five Eyes Canceled New Zealand team’s Pakistan tour? Read the Reason Now!

The New Zealand team backed out of the series at the eleventh hour and almost a few minutes before the toss! The cancellation took place in response to the official orders amid security threats in Pakistan. However, PCB was highly disappointed. The new chairman of PCB “Ramiz Raja” mentioned that, “Walking out of the tour by taking a unilateral approach on a security threat is very frustrating.”

As soon as the match got canceled conspiracies started flooding in. British High Commissioner Christian Turner took the news to his Twitter handle and directly stated that they have nothing to do with the match’s cancellation. Moreover, he called it New Zealand’s independent decision.

Now news became public that the global intelligence agency Five Eyes Canceled New Zealand team’s Pakistan tour! For all those who don’t know about “Five eyes,” it is an intelligence agency of five different countries that include,

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • United States
  • United Kingdom

Following the cancellation orders, the New Zealand officials were in contact with Pakistan and mentioned that the team is under threat. Further, they mentioned that the team could be attacked once it steps out of the hotel.

New Zealand’s decision of match cancellation caused severe disappointment. In a press conference, Federal Minister for Interior Sheikh Rasheed mentioned that the black caps do not have any proof of the threats! He further called it a unilateral decision. He also mentioned the security arrangements made for the Kiwis that included 4000 police personnel, Pakistan Army (high profile unit “SSG Zarar” was deployed), and the other security forces.

Pakistan Cricket Board in their statements assured the high-level security for the New Zealand’s team as it has always been for all other teams.

“Pakistan Cricket Board and Pakistan Government made foolproof security arrangements for all visiting teams. We have assured the New Zealand Cricket of the same,”

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)

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Public opinion | Uproar on Twitter!

Since the last two days, Twitter is flooded with tweets against New Zealand. A lot of opinions came forward. Pakistanis are criticizing New Zealand for their decision as most of the fans appear to be disheartened. As soon as people came to know about the fact that Five Eyes Canceled New Zealand team’s Pakistan tour, another hashtag started trending on Twitter. Following are some of the tweets,

Why would anyone believe Five Eyes or Western intel agencies after their catastrophic intelligence failure on Afghanistan?

Sana jamal

At the peak of Covid-19 pandemic, Pakistan cricket team endangered their lives by travelling to New Zealand for a complete series. The Pakistan ‘A’ team also accompanied the national side. And this is how the Kiwis have responded to Pakistan’s generosity.


Pakistan is one of the safest countries in the world, if you are not sure, ask NATO soldiers. New Zealand is making a big mistake by involving the political lobby in Cricket. “STAY STRONG GREEN CAPS”

Inivisible Solider of Pakistan

Chris Gayle Coming to Pakistan!

A few hours ago, Chris Gayle, a West Indies cricket player tweeted that he is coming to Pakistan!

As soon as this announcement was made the Twitteratis went crazy and the hashtag “Universal boss” started trending on Twitter! In fact, the top 6 trends on Twitter belong to the cancellation of this match and the welcome of the Universal boss!

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