Finally, Key suspects of the Lahore blast arrested!

Lahore blast
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Critical vigilance is needed as a terrorist attack emerged in Lahore on Wednesday. The explosives were present inside the car. The vehicle had around 15kgs of explosive material. They made the nefarious plan with proper calculations. This is because the person had installed explosives inside a parked car which was placed on a busy road. However, police also mentioned that explosion occurred near a “high-value target”. However, the Punjab government was successful to arrest the key suspects of the Lahore blast.

The bomb explosion led to the death of three and 22 people were injured among them 2 were policemen.

CM Usman Buzdar and IGP Inam Ghani mentioned that the Counter Terrorism Department arrested 10 terrorists. Whereas it also included the suspects which were facilitators for International terror work.

“The police and CTD teams apprehended all involved in the planning and execution of the blast within four days,”

CM Usman Buzdar

CTD Punjab had tracked all the suspects involved within 16 hours of the blast. CM further explained that the intelligence agency of an enemy country is directly involved in funding the terrorists.

Key suspects of Lahore Blast

Firstly, officials arrested the two prime suspects namely,

  • Peter David Paul
  • Eid Gul

Reportedly, they were the ones to pack the explosives in the car in Johar Town. Paul actually belongs to Karachi. On investigation, he was found to have dual nationality as that of a Western country. Soon after the blast on June 25th, he tried to travel back to Karachi. However, the crew offloaded him from the domestic flight. Paul also had a travelling history between Pakistan and Dubai. Whereas Eid Gul and two of his brothers were already a part of the list of criminals.

“Peter David Paul had himself brought the car used in the terrorist incident from Gujranwala seven days prior to the blast and handed it over to Eid Gul,”


The police not only arrested men but also women. They arrested around 10 key suspects of the Lahore blast. Whereas the officials are successful in identifying the mastermind behind all of this. To proceed with the case further, CM Punjab ordered the establishment of a Joint Investigation Team.

One suspect belonged to KPK. He was also fluent in Punjabi.

“We have shared information with intelligence agencies”

Inam Ghani

This is how law enforcement agencies succeeded in apprehending the suspects. Moreover, CM Punjab was very happy with the performance of the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA). The police also investigated the car used in the attack. It was snatched in 2010. However, they recovered the car in 2011. Before the Johar Town blast, the last terrorism act took place in November, back in 2020 in Punjab.

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