Fifa World Cup 2022 Referee Officials – Confirmed List of Best One

Fifa World Cup 2022 Referee Officials – Confirmed List of Best One
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World cup 2022 referees are a top discussion for the first time in history. Female referees will show up on the ground. The FIFA Referees Committee has appointed a total of 52 world cup 2022 referees to officiate at the inaugural FIFA Arab Cup in Qatar from November 30 to December 18 next year.

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3 Who Will Be The Fifa World Cup 2022 Referee?

World Cup 2022 Referees

Referees rarely receive praise for their work, whereas players receive a lot of praise for their outstanding performance. Instead, even the smallest errors are routinely derided by players, managers, and fans. The reality is that this high-stakes role necessitates years of hard work, an elite fitness level, comprehensive knowledge of the game’s rules, and frequently more running than outfield players.

  • There will be 12 number of world cup 2022 referees, 24 of assistant referees, and 16 total video referees
  • There are 52 world cup 2022 referee on the list, representing 27 nations and 6 confederation
  • The African landmass will be addressed at this opposition by 8 officials, including 2 game chiefs, the Gambian Bakary Gassama and the Zambian Janny Sikazwe
  • Djibril Camara (Senegal), Elvis Nopue (Cameroon), Zakhele Siwela (South Africa), and Jerson Dos Santos (Angola) are the assistant world cup 2022 referees
  • There are also two video referees: Ibrahim Aly (Egypt) and Redouane Jiyed (Morocco)

In order to provide the best possible preparation for the officials involved, a team of experts comprised of FIFA referee trainers, video referees, physical trainers, physiotherapists, and sports scientists will closely monitor the appointed world cup 2022 referee prior to and during the competition.

The competition, which will use video-assisted refereeing technology, is an essential step in the preparations that FIFA world cup 2022 referees will make.

Female World Cup 2022 Referee

For the very first time in World Cup history, six female match officials will travel to the tournament this year, 2022. This World Cup will be the first to feature world cup 2022 referees female, including:

  1. Yoshimi Yamashita (Japan)
  2. Salima Mukansanga (Rwanda)

Assistant Referees:

  1. Stéphanie Frappart (France).
  2. Neuza Back (Brazil),
  3. Karen Diaz Medina (Mexico)
  4. Kathryn Nesbitt (US)

The brand-new Semi-Automated Offside Technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) will also be introduced at the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. The goal of the system being tested in the UEFA Champions League group stages is to make offside decisions more accurate. Under the stadium’s roof, cameras keep track of all 22 players, recording data points and determining their precise position on the field.

Goal-line technology, which was first used at the World Cup 2014 Brazil, will also be used by referees. 14 high-speed cameras are used in the system to create a 3D image animation that can immediately notify the referee if the ball crosses the line.

Who Will Be The Fifa World Cup 2022 Referee?

AFC – Asian Football Confederation

  • World cup 2022 referee = 6
  • Assistant referees = 10
  • Video match officials = 4

Abdulrahman al-Jassim from Qatar

Abdulrahman al-Jassim is a 35-year-old Qatari who has officiated a number of well-known matches since becoming a FIFA referee in 2013. In 2018, he served as a VAR official in Russia. In addition, he presided over the 2019 AFC Asian Cup, and the FIFA Club World Cup final among Liverpool and Clube de Regatas do Flamengo.

Chris Beath from Australia

Beath, like al-Jassim, made a name, making himself known on a global scale by serving as a referee at the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup and AFC Asian Cup.

Alireza Faghani from Iran

Faghani is from Kashmar, which is in the northeast of Iran. Before becoming a referee, he played football in the third tier of the country. He refereed the World Cup in 2018 and the AFC Champions League final in 2014 and now works in Australia’s A-League.

Ma Ning from China

Ma Ning is the second referee from China to be a participant of the World Cup.

Mohammed Abdulla Mohamed from UAE

Mohammed Abdulla Mohamed refereed at the AFC Asian Cup and has been a FIFA referee since 2010.

Yoshimi Yamashita from Japan

In April 2022, Yamashita became the first woman to oversee an AFC Champions League match when she gave Melbourne City three yellow cards. She stated that she wants it to be accepted as normal for women to referee men’s games, so what is taking place in Qatar must continue. She is under some pressure to earn everyone’s trust.

CAF – Confederation of African football

  • World cup 2022 referee = 6
  • Assistant referees = 10
  • Video match officials = 2

Bakary Papa Gassama from Gambia

After Brazil 2018 and Russia 2018, this will be Gassama’s third World Cup appearance.

Mustapha Ghorbal from Algeria

The Algerian referee, who is 37 years old, has officiated a number of international games. One of those games was the 2020 CAF Champions League final between Al Ahly and Zamalek in Egypt, where he gave five yellow cards and two red cards to both teams.

Victor Gomes from South Africa

Gomes is a tough-talking, no-nonsense referee who has made headlines multiple times. He reportedly turned down a $30,000 bribe in 2018 to fix a CAF Confederation Cup matchup between USM Alger of Algeria and Plateau United of Nigeria. During the 2021 AFCON championship game, Gomes sternly instructed Egyptian superstar Mohammed Salah to stop whining before mockingly offering him his whistle.

Salima Mukansanga from Rwanda

Mukansanga is consistently establishing records. She is the first Rwandan woman to officiate at the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the first woman to officiate at the African Cup of Nations, and one of the first female referees for the World Cup for men.

Janny Sikazwe from Zambia

Sikazwe has an impressive resume. He was the first Zambian to officiate a World Cup in 2018 and refereed the finals of the 2016 FIFA Club World Cup and the 2017 AFCON.

However, he is perhaps best known for calling full-time incorrectly in the 85th and 89th minutes of an AFCON match between Mali and Tunisia in January of this year. He was taken to the hospital after it became clear that he had suffered from a heat stroke.

Maguette Ndiaye from Senegal

At the 2021 Africa Nations cup, the Senegalese referee officiated several matches.

Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF)

  • World cup 2022 referee = 5
  • Assistant referees = 12
  • Video match officials = 3

Ivan Barton from Salvador

At the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup, Iván Barton, 30, was in charge of both the CONCACAF Nations League and the semi-final matchup between Jamaica and the United States.

Ismail Elfath is from the United States. He was born in Morocco and came to the United States when he was 18 after winning a visa lottery. In 2011, he made his Major League Soccer (MLS) refereeing debut, and since then, he has been known as one of the top referee in the country. He has twice received the Major League Soccer Referee of the Year award in the last three years. He has officiated at a number of international competitions, including the 2019 Club World Cup semi-final.

Mario Escobar from Guatemala

At 26 , Escobar has officiated numerous CONCACAF tournaments and is a FIFA-listed referee.

Said Martinez from Honduras

At 31 years old, Said is one of three refs from Focal America to direct at the 2022 World Cup. When the United States and Mexico square off in the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup final, Said, who also holds a degree in mathematics, served as the referee, issuing three yellow cards during extra time.

César Ramos from Mexico

Since 2014, the 38-year-old Mexican referee has been listed by FIFA. At the 2018 World Cup, he officiated three games, including a 1-1 group stage draw between Brazil and Switzerland. The Brazil players voiced their displeasure with Ramos during the game because he twice denied claims of foul play and forbade a VAR review.

CONMEBOL – South American Football Confederation

  • World cup 2022 referee = 7
  • Assistant referees = 15
  • Video match officials = 4

Raphael Claus from Brazil

The seasoned Brazilian refereed the 2021 Copa América most recently.

Andres Matias Matonte Cabrera from Uruguay

This Uruguayan officiated at the Arab Cup in 2021, which was his most recent assignment. He administered Qatar’s 5-0 quarter-last win over UAE, in which he gave two punishments in the span of eight minutes of one another.

Kevin Ortega from Peru

At 30, the Peruvian ref is one of the most youthful on the plane to Qatar. He has officiated a number of high-pressure matches, including a semi-final match between Japan and Spain at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Fernando Rapallini from Argentina

The Argentine has a lot of experience officiating in international tournaments and the Argentine Primera División.In 2021, Rapallini became the first referee from South America to serve as an official at a European Championship.

Wilton Sampaio from Brazil

Wilton Sampaio is a 40-year-old official who has been listed with FIFA since 2013 and most recently served as an official at the 2021 Copa América.

Facundo Tello from Argentina

After only four games in the second division, Tello became well-known in Argentina. as a referee in the country’s first division. He traveled to Qatar in 2021 to serve as an official at the 2021 FIFA Arab World Cup.

Jesus Valenzuela from Venezuela

Jesus Valenzuela was first listed as a FIFA referee in 2013. He is 38 years old. He officiated the infamous Copa América semi-final between Colombia and Argentina in July 2021, during which Valenzuela issued ten yellow cards.

OFC – Oceania Football Confederation

  • World cup 2022 referee = 1
  • Assistant referees = 2

Matthew Conger from New Zealand

Conger is the only OFC referee at the 2022 World Cup since Australia joined the AFC in 2006. The part-time teacher, originally from Texas in the United States, officiated one World Cup 2018 group stage game.

UEFA – Union of European Football Associations

  • World cup 2022 referee = 11
  • Assistant referees = 20
  • Video match officials = 11

Istvan Kovacs from Romania

The seasoned goalkeeper is prepared to officiate this year’s World Cup for the first time. He has performed admirably in recent matches, including the thrilling Champions League match between Real Madrid and Manchester City earlier this year. Following Toni Kroos’s buildup foul on Oleksandr Zinchenko, Bernado Silva was able to score a goal with a shot thanks to a clever advantage play by Kovacs.

Stephanie Frappart from France

Although she currently competes for France’s Ligue 1, Frappart has recently made a number of high-profile international appearances, including the 2019 UEFA Super Cup match between Chelsea and Liverpool. In 2020, she was the first female referee to oversee a Champions League match. In 2022, she presided over the Coupe de France championship match between Nantes and Nice.

Danny Makkelie from the Netherlands

The seasoned Dutch referee and the part-time police officer have been officiating high-profile games for a long time, including the Europa League final in 2018. He became well-known for the four games he officiated at the European Championships last year. England won a contentious penalty in the Wembley semi-final between Denmark and Denmark, allowing them to advance to the final.

Szymon Marciniak from Poland

The 41-year-old Polish referee has a lot of experience. He refereed three games at the European Championships in 2016 and two games at the FIFA World Cup in 2018.

Antonio Mateu Lahoz from Spain

The Spaniard is known for his distinctive loquacious way of dealing with administering however is exceptionally appraised by UEFA, who endowed him with directing the 2021 Heroes Association last. In the group stages of the 2020 European Championships, Mateu was in charge of a contentious 2-2 draw between Portugal and France, awarding three penalties and four yellow cards.

Michael Oliver from England

The English official has the extensive domestic experience, having officiated high-profile games like the FA Cup final in 2021. Oliver has also made a name for himself as a consistent contributor to the League of Champions. He is perhaps best known for awarding Real Madrid a penalty kick that ultimately resulted in their advancement over Juventus. Gianluigi Buffon, the normally calm and collected captain of Juventus, made the comment that Oliver had a heart like a “trash can.”

Daniele Orsato from Italy

Orsato is a fixture in the Champions League. He has officiated both of Bayern Munich’s and PSG’s finals of the 2020 Champions League. During the 2018 World Cup, he also served as a video assistant referee.

Daniel Siebert from Germany

Siebert was the referee for the Tunisia-Algeria Arab Cup final in 2021 and officiated three games at the European Championships in 2020.

Anthony Taylor from England

The 44-year-old referee from England, Anthony Taylor, has recently been assigned games like the Nations League final between France and Spain. On the field, Christain Eriksen experienced a cardiac arrest. During the Denmark-Finland match at the 2020 European Championships. He served as the match’s referee. Taylor received praise for quickly recognizing the situation and organizing medical care.

Clement Turpin from France

Clement Turpin has officiated at the European Championships in 2016 and 2020 as well as the 2018 World Cup. He officiated nine UEFA Champions League games, including the final, in the 2021-22 season.

Slavko Vincic from Slovenia

When Vincic was 20 years old, his uncle encouraged him to try refereeing. Vincic is a qualified telecommunications engineer. He was listed as a FIFA referee 11 years later. Three matches at the European Championships in 2020 were officiated by him.

He officiated the Europa League final between Eintracht Frankfurt and Rangers this year. When Vincic was arrested in 2020 as part of a police investigation into a prostitution and drug ring in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he made headlines. He has been gotten free from any bad behavior.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Who provides funding for Qatar 2022?

Byju’s intends to expand its global reach and reach 10 million Indian students by 2025.We are thrilled to sponsor the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, the world’s largest sporting event.

Why is the boycott of Qatar 2022?

Highlights from the study show that online movements to boycott the World Cup have been sparked by Qatar’s systematic abuse of labor (more than 6,500 migrant workers reportedly died supporting tournament infrastructure and construction) and flagrant discrimination against women.

How are the world cup 2022 referees chosen?

For the Qatar World cup 2022 referee, 129 officials have been appointed by FIFA, 24 video match officials, 69 assistant referees, and 36 referees. Based on their quality and performances at FIFA tournaments and other domestic and international competitions, world cup 2022 referees were chosen from 29 countries.

For what reason was Qatar picked as the World Cup 2022 hosting?

After winning the vote of Fifa’s 22 executive members in 2010, Qatar beat out bids from the United States, South Korea, Japan, and Australia to host the World Cup.It is the first nation from the Arab world to host the tournament.

Do referees get nervous?

Before they officiate their scheduled games, many referees can become extremely anxious and nervous, to the point where they dread the job.On the way to the venue, many may be extremely irritable, sick, or refuse to officiate in some cases.

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