Facebook Suspends Donald Trump’s Account. Here’s why!

Facebook suspends Donald Trump account for supporting riots in the Capitol.
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January 6th marks one of the violent days in recent US history. Trump supporters marched the White House and other violent protests in the Capitol. Trump praised these people and violence. Trump’s account was suspended indefinitely in January. Now a verdict has been given that “Officially by Oversight Board decision, Facebook suspends Donald Trump’s account.” Case of suspension was taken to Oversight Board after January’s suspension. An Independent Oversight Board gave its verdict that Trump’s accounts will be suspended till 2023.

Facebook issued the statement that Mr. Trump’s statements were grave violations of their rules. So, they had to suspend the account.

“Trump’s actions were a violation of our rules and the highest penalty(2 years ban) was inevitable.”

FB Vice President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg.

Facebook officials further said if they feel there is still a threat to public safety, we will extend the restrictions.

What was Donald Trump’s response to account Suspension:

Trump responded that the suspension is an insult to his 74 million voters. Moreover, He further addressed his voters that we will ultimately win. The US can’t take this anymore.

Moreover, Mr. Trump even had a threatening tone while discussing Mark Zuckerberg- the founder of Facebook. Trump said that when he would win the next election, he will no longer attend dinner parties at the request of Mark Zuckerberg. It will be purely business.

What is Facebook’s new policy:

Facebook was recently under pressure over its policies on privacy. Now they are updating their policies to pacify criticism. Facebook is strictly keeping checks on Politicians right now. The Social Media Giant updated its Policy on Politicians and the first big victim is Donald Trump. Facebook suspends Donald Trump’s account indefinitely in January. A Two-year suspension decision made into the news this Friday. These are the Policy Updates:

1) Public figures who incite violence will face suspension from one month to up to 2 years.

2) Facebook will not treat content posted by Politicians differently. Everyone will have to follow the same checks and rules. Therefore, Facebook will no longer give immunity or leverage to public figures.

When can Donald Trump Use his Social Media accounts again?

Trump’s suspension will end on 7 January 2023. After that, he will have time to post about his political activities as he will be most likely a Republican Candidate for Presidency for the 2024 elections.

In addition to Facebook and Instagram, Trump was suspended from Facebook and Instagram. But also Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitch suspended his accounts over supporting violence and riots.

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