Exercise Myths Busted- How to do Workout Correctly

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This article is probably going to be very controversial as we will be busting some of the very shocking and popular exercise myths. Exercise is very important in order to lose weight and keep yourself healthy. Without doing effective exercises one can not lose weight and may also end up gaining more weight than ever. For a normal person, exercise is equally important as it makes them active and energetic throughout the day. But we have heard many exercise myths that are shockingly not true. We will be revealing these myths down below. So, don’t go anywhere as this article may bewilder you!

No, More Sweat do not Mean More Weight Loss

People often ask in order to lose more fat, some people do stupid things. The popular myth regarding this question is wearing a sweater or some extra clothes in order to sweat more. This is from the myth that “The more you sweat, The more fat you lose”. The answer is that just a T-shirt is fine. Try to understand this with this analogy. You know that fat never mix up with water. No matter how much you blend you still find oil floating on top of the water. Hence it is not possible for your fat to melt through your sweat pores.

One might argue that we at least lose toxins this way. See, your body releases sweat when your body’s core temperature is either heated or is higher than normal. In order to regulate the temperature, your body releases water, minerals as well as electrolytes in order to cool down. So the bottom line is if you sweat too much you won’t lose fats. Get detox instead you will just get dehydrated.

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Exercise for Specific a Muscle: One of the Biggest Exercise Myths

You must have heard people saying that when I eat cake the fat goes straight to my thigh or my belly which brings us to our next myth: The high calory food you consume gets directly transferred to your specific body parts. No! Your body does not target specific body parts in order to store fat. Here is some more bad news! Neither can you target specific body parts while losing weight or spot reduction!

People might say Is there any specific exercise through which I can reduce just my belly fat or my arms or my thighs. People may also go on telling they do 100 crunches a day in order to get a flat belly. But plot-twist- they don’t!

exercise myths which you should not believe.
Weight loss exercise for specific muscles is a myth.

Let’s try to understand this with the example of badminton. In the game, we usually use our dominant hand in order to play. Even if you play this game every day for three months straight, you won’t notice a difference in your left arm and your right arm. But what you will notice is a difference in your fitness level. Just like our body needs a wholesome meal to live a healthy life we also need wholesome workouts.

Crunches and squats are not bad they are excellent exercises but they are supposed to be done as a part of the wholesome workout and not doing just 50 crunches or just 100 squats a day.

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Do Women get Bulky When They lift the weight?

Coming to the next myth that is Woman gets bulky if she lifts weight. People might say women who lift weight look masculine. But the fact is, it is a choice of women themselves. You must have seen woman bodybuilders who choose to look masculine with hormonal injections or some steroids to make them look that way. In fact, lifting weight is an effective exercise to tone, shape, and strengthen your body. You will not look masculine in any way. Pick up any actress and look at their workout routine. Strength training is a huge part of their workout routine but do they look masculine at all? No.

In fact, if you get a chance please read Rujuta Diwakar’s book” Don’t lose out, workout”. It will open your mind to many different possibilities and myths surrounding the exercise.

Does Running help you lose weight quickly?

Another myth is running loses weight quickly. Let’s say you are overweight and people ask you to run in order to lose weight. In process of doing so, you twist your ankle. Now instead of walking it off chances are you might get a sprain, ligament, or worst a fracture. And this might happens because you are overweight. Hence, your bones, tendons, and ligaments are already under pressure. If you haven’t taken the time to strengthen the muscle around it, the chances of injury go way higher.

Now that doesn’t mean you should not run at all. No, the only thing is you need to strengthen your muscles in order to do running. You need to do strength training or weight lifting twice a week. Running can be effective in order to lose weight or to be healthy and fit but it should be considered in a wholesome exercise. We hope that you will now stop believing in these exercise myths.

Over-rated Excercise

One of the most controversial questions regarding exercise myths is which is the overrated exercise? The answer is walking. And this brings us to the next myth that is Walking is the best exercise but the fact is No it’s not! This is the most popular myth otherwise you wouldn’t see people walking every morning and evening. Walking is a lazy person’s exercise.

You can make it a wholesome exercise by being progressive with walking. You can either do this by increasing your distance or speed. Every five minutes of a walk, you can run for a minute then again walk for five minutes then run for a minute again. As weeks go by, you can make it more effective by increasing your running time and reducing your walk time.

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Bottom Line

All in all, these were some exercise myths that we hear a lot but now we know the real facts about exercising. Make sure to do walking two to three times a week depends on how much you enjoy and then spare two days for strength training and one day for crunches. Then it will become a wholesome exercise. Both cardio and strength training is very effective in order to stay healthy. Exercising can be fun too if you do it in the correct way.

Do tell us what you think about this article. Moreover, if you have any questions, hit us in the comment section down below!


Does Exercise turn fat into Muscles?

No, it is one of the popular myths that exist that fats somehow can get converted into muscles. Both are made up of different cells. If you work out, fats are broken down. some of them are utilized while the remaining is excreted out of the body.

What is a Good Workout exercise?

A good workout exercise is a wholesome exercise. In the wholesome exercise, you are putting pressure on every muscle. It is a combination of different exercises like squats, push-ups, and running mostly.

Can you lose weight just by exercising?

No, you cannot lose weight just by exercising. You have to lead a healthy lifestyle to lose weight. This includes proper and healthy meals, 8 hours of sleep, and adequate water consumption.

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