Exciting News About Miss Universe 2021, Andrea Mesa Won.

Miss Universe 2021
⟶ Miss Universe 2021 winner, Andrea mesa
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Andrea mesa, miss universe 2021
Andrea mesa, miss universe 2021
source: Twitter

Miss Universe contest

Due to Covid-19, the miss universe competition held after a delay of a year. Finally, the miss universe contest held Sunday, 16 May 2021. Miss Mexico 2021, the crown went to Miss Mexico Andrea Meza. She is receiving congratulations all around the world.

Miss universe 2021, participants

Seventh four beauties from all over the world participated in the pageant contest. Only twenty-one contestants could make it to the final round. After the swimsuit segment of the competition, only ten participants left for the evening gown competition. After that, only five participants reached to question-answer session.

Interview segment with Andrea mesa

In an interview segment with Andrea, she was asked about her views on beauty standards. She answered beautifully by stating that beauty radiates not only in the soul but also in hearts and how we treat ourselves. She further added that we should never allow someone to devalue us based on beauty standards.
On another question about the covid 19 situations, she said it would be better to initiate the lockdown earlier. She added that earlier lockdown could prevent the loss of so many precious lives.

Top 3 contestants of beauty pageant 2021

Mesa was the top contestant out of seventy-three participants. However, the second top runners-up were Julia Gama from Brazil. Peru Janick was the third runner up.

Andrea Meza 69th miss universe

Andrea mesa, miss Mexico
Andrea mesa, miss Mexico
Source: Twitter

Mesa is 26 years old and also miss Mexico. She has an educational background in software engineering. Mesa is also a passionate women’s right activist. She works in collaboration with the municipal institute of women. She works with organizations that are against gender violence. Andrea Mesa is also a part of international charity campaigns that work and raises funds for oppressed people in India, China and Indonesia.
Andrea is also a skilled makeup artist and model. Her main interest is in sports and Crossfit. She also owns a brand of sportswear and planning to extend its products. Along with that, mesa is also a tourism brand ambassador of Chihuahua city.

Future Plans

Currently, she is planning to do modelling for various brands and commercials. However, she is planning to work for the discovery and promotions of new Mexican talent. She also wants to be the brand ambassador of renowned brands such as Gucci and channel.

Top 5 miss universe contestants

Other top standouts of the contest were Chantal wiertz from Curacao, Nova Stevens of Canada, Nadia Sayers from Ireland, and Rabiya Mateo from the Philippines.

Chantal wiertz miss Curacao

Chantal is diagnosed with autism, and she supports other people with special needs by using various social media campaigns.

Nova Stevens Miss Canada

Nova Stevens is a refugee from Sudan. She is a co-founder of movements such as black freedom society and Freedom March Vancouver. Both movements are focused on eliminating hate and racism towards black and indigenous people.

Nadia Sayers Miss Ireland

Similarly, Nadia Sayers has an educational background in Psychology. She uses her knowledge of psychology and power of fame to speak against mental stigmas. Her focus is on children who are suffering from mental health issues. Currently, she is working on a suicide prevention project along with a charity organisation.

Rabiya Mateo Miss Philippines

On the other hand, Rabiya Mateo is the education ambassador of the Philippines. She has also started a reading and food project for poor and malnourished kids in underprivileged regions of Iloilo.

All the participants of miss universe 2021 were talented in their fields with high aims and motives. However, we congratulate Andrea mesa for being the winner.

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