EURO 2020 Final: England to face Italy in Wembley Stadium.

EURO 2020 Final: England to face Italy in Wembley
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The tournament that started on 11 June will reach its end on 11 July when England will square off Italy inside Wembley stadium. Both teams have played really well in the UEFA tournament. Italy defeated Spain and England defeated Denmark in the semi-finals. There have been 11 host cities of EURO 2020 but the semi-finals were held in London and the final will also be held in London. There is no doubt that The EURO 2020 Final is going to be the biggest football event in Europe this year. Let’s check some information about finals, some facts about EURO, semi-final details, and Laser controversy.

Journey of Two Finalists:

1) Italy’s Journey:

Italy was placed in Group A.

In group matches:

a) Italy defeated Turkey in the first match. (Italy 3–0 Turkey)

b) Italy defeated Switzerland in their second game (Italy 3–0 Switzerland).

c) Italy defeated Wales in the third game (Italy 1–0 Wales).

Round of 16:

Italy defeated Austria (2–1) in the Round of 16


Italy 2–1 Belgium in Quarterfinals.


Italy 1–1 Spain. Then in a Penalty shootout, Italy defeated Spain by 4–2.

England’s Journey:

Group Matches:

England was part of Group D.

(a) England 1-0 Croatia

(b) England 0-0 Scotland

(c) England 1–0 Czech Republic

Round of 16:

England defeated Germany (2-0) in the “round of 16” to get a spot in the quarter-finals.


England defeated Ukraine (4-0) in the quarter-finals to get a spot in the semi-finals.


England defeated Denmark (2-1) in the semi-finals ad have qualified for the Finals.

England’s Performance in Semi-Finals:

3 Lions Team captain Harry Kane scored a decisive goal in the extra time to take England into the Final. In the 103rd minute, England was awarded a Penalty when Raheem Sterling was tripped by Joakim Maehle.

This is the biggest Final England will be playing after the 1966 World Cup final.

Laser Controversy: England charged by UEFA as a Fan pointed Laser on Kasper’s Eyes:

Just before Captain Harry Kane was about to score a decisive goal, a fan pointed laser on Denmark’s goalkeeper. This laser seemingly had no impact on Kasper Schmeichel and he managed to block the football first but Kane scored a rebound which led to England’s victory.

This wasn’t the only questionable thing. During Denmark’s national anthem, England’s Fans booed heavily and lighten fireworks inside Wembley stadium.

Most EURO win:

Germany and Spain share the record of most number of EURO wins. Both countries won 3 times.

Germany has the record of playing the most number of EURO finals. Germany was part of 6 finals- out of which they won 3 times.

History of Hosts in UEFA EURO:

Hosts were victorious 3 times: Spain (1964), Italy (1968), and France (1984).

Two times Hosts lost finals: Portugal (2004), and France (2016).

Where to enjoy UEFA EURO 2020 Final:

You can check the list of Broadcasters by clicking here.

Time of EURO Final game:

EURO final time In Europe:

In Europe on 11 July, the Final will start at 21:00 EST.

EURO final time In South Asia:

However, in South Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and other countries), the final day is changed. The Final will telecast on 12 July as the clock will hit 12 am when the game will start.

History of Finals in Wembley Stadium (The stadium where the final will be held):

In the 1996 Final, Germany became the European champions for the third time. Oliver Bierhoff’s scored the decisive goal against the Czech Republic.

30 years before that, In the 1966 World Cup, England became World Champions. England won the FIFA world cup by defeated West Germany 4–2 in the extra time.

No matter who wins the EURO 2020 final, there is no doubt that it will be one of the most-viewed games in 2020. Surely it will be a pressure match. Will England’s phrase “It’s coming home” become true or will Italy be able to shock the world by defeating the host team. We will have to wait for 11 July.

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