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Endocrine weight loss
⟶ Endocrine weight loss
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Are you tired of a plethora of weight losing techniques available online that only work in reels? Then Endocrine Weight loss is something you can try! When you read the word “hormone” the first thing to come to your mind is the reproductive cycle! However, hormones not only control them but they have a lot more functions in your body. One of them is your weight control!

You might be thinking, what is a hormone? Well, hormones are special chemical messengers that travel in the blood and control several body mechanisms. They control growth, blood sugar and calcium level and also the gain and loss of weight. Endocrinologists (experts of hormonal studies) can help you lose weight with their Endocrine weight loss program. Here, we are going to share with you, what hormone causes weight loss. Further, we will also guide you about how hormones can help lose weight! So, read the whole article to check out what it is all about!

What Hormone Causes Weight Loss | How Endocrine Weight Loss Works?

Endocrine causes of weight loss are one of the major factors to deal with obesity. Here we will share with you more than 3 hormones that control your body weight. The basic metabolism is that such hormones deal with fat storage. Hence, fat storage directly leads to weight gain. The question is “How can you control them.” To find the answer let’s discuss all of them one by one,

Insulin | Fat Storage Hormone

The human body consists of specialized organs for different hormonal secretions. The pancreas consists of beta and alpha cells. Beta cells are specialized cells that secrete insulin. Throughout the day, secretion remains normal. However, it increases soon after the meals.

Bio-medically, Insulin maintains the blood sugar level by decreasing it. When you eat something, especially if it’s high in sugar then after digestion blood sugar level increases. In the meanwhile, insulin is secreted to control blood sugar levels. After the glucose is utilized by the body the rest of the unneeded sugar is converted into fats. Hence, this is how calories increase. As people become obese, insulin activity malfunctions. It can also lead to diabetes.

Insulin in Endocrine weight loss
This is how insulin works in the Endocrine weight loss

Insulin levels can easily explain weight gain. Higher levels explain you are overeating because your blood has a high sugar level. So, you can avoid the foods that promote insulin secretion such as white refined flours and sugars. Cutting carbs is the only solution to reduce insulin levels that ultimately prevents fat storage.

Cortisol | Stress Hormone

It is secreted by the adrenal gland which is situated at the superior-medial aspect of the kidneys. This hormone responds to stress whenever your body experiences it. How would that relate to weight gain? Well, you might have heard the impact of stress on body weight. It seems like mysterious fiction but here we will talk about facts.

For example, if you are stressed due to isolation and have no food. Cortisol production will increase and promote fat breakdown and ultimately losing weight. However, the tables turn when you have access to a calorie-rich diet and due to stress there is less appetite. Moreover, the brain seeks more food so here comes the relation of endocrine weight gain with obesity. A good sleep, managing stress and a balanced diet can help a lot to cope up with that.

Cortisol in Endocrine weight loss
The image shows how Cortisol works in hormonal weight loss.

Leptin | Satiety Hormone

This hormone works like a guard. It helps the body to prevent overeating. It alerts the brain when there is maximum fat storage and prevents the body from over-eating. Obese people show higher levels of Leptin. This is because in obesity leptin is disturbed. This is because the message “stop eating” does not reach the brain and you feel hungry despite being full. Hence, low leptin promotes weight loss. You must avoid inflammatory products, get good sleep, eat fatty fish, and must exercise regularly to improve leptin sensitivity.

Leptin and weight gain cycle
Leptin and weight gain cycle

Ghrelin | Hunger Hormone

An empty stomach releases the Ghrelin hormone that indicates hunger. The levels are highest before and the lowest after meals. In obese people after the meal ghrelin slightly decreases after the meal which leads to overeating because of brain miscommunication. Hence, Ghrelin level can be normalized by sugar-sweetened drinks and eating proteins.

Ghrelin and Leptin perform opposite fuctions.
Ghrelin and Leptin perform opposite functions. One promotes eating while the other inhibits it.

The above-given details suggest you the ways of fixing the hormones that manage your weight naturally. Hormonal balance is one of the most successful methods of losing weight. If you give it a try make sure to share it with us! We would love to see your response and feel free to ask if you have any queries!

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