End of Drama: Ukraine Denies Plane Hijacking Attempt

End of Drama: Ukraine denies plane hijacking attempt
⟶ Ukraine has denied hijacking of its plane.
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Afghan situation is not getting out of Media any time soon. Kabul airport has always been giving breaking news since the Taliban takeover. However, fake news or rumors are also a product of this scenario. This time, media outlets aired the news of the Ukrainian plane hijacking attempt. They stated that unidentified men took the plane towards Iran after hijacking it. Soon when the news got out, the whole world started talking about this. Then, to some relief, Ukraine denies Plane Hijacking Incident. What’s the whole matter? How did Iran respond to this? Know now by reading the article!

Ukraine Denies Plane Hijacking: Says “No Plane was Hijacked Neither in Kabul nor Anywhere Else“:

Kyiv-based news agency Interfax-Ukraine published the denial of hijacking attempt. In this, Ukraine Foreign Minister spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko denied the news of airplane hijacking.

He said no plane has been hijacked by any men neither in Kabul nor anywhere else. There is no reality in plane hijacking news some media outlets broke.

The plane is captured by some unidentified men and they have taken it to Iran. Three attempts have been made by Ukraine to safely evacuate its citizens but all in vain. Due to Kabul security, Ukrainians could not manage to get into the airport.

Russian News agency Tass quoting Ukrainian Foreign Minister

Iranian civil authority also denied any hijacking news. Iran said the plane stopped at Mashhad just to get a refill and then flew again towards Ukraine.

Clarification was issued later on:

Perhaps the foreign minister’s words have been misunderstood by Russian news agency Tass. Foreign Minister Yevgeny Yenin was just talking about the difficulties in the evacuation.

Ukraine Foreign Spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko said

After the denial, people finally had a sigh of relief. But this also raised a question. Why would media outlets run a piece of news without even fully understanding it? People are criticizing the media for this fake news. Hijacking a plane is not a small incident. 9/11 changed the course of politics in the world. It happened due to the hijacking of the planes. So, the news of plane hijacking does not sit well with the people.

Kabul Airport is already in the news due to the violence. So, when the news got out that the plane flew from Kabul, first thing came to people’s mind was terrorists.

Current Situation at Kabul Airport:

Kabul airport is in chaos and people are experiencing the worst time in their lifetime. A few days ago, frenzy from the crowd killed 7 people as confirmed by British Army. Moreover, the US army distributed pork patties at the airport. Also, the US army fired in the air on numerous occasions to keep people in Queue. The US army is using the tactic of fear by firing in the air.

A video emerged a few days ago that a mother handed over her baby to a US army officer. It raised a huge outcry on social media. Then US maritime stated that the baby has been reunited with his parents. Moreover, a woman gave birth to a baby girl recently in the rescue plane.

All of these chaotic incidents are because of the fear of the Taliban. The Taliban have announced amnesty to all. But still, people want to leave Afghanistan. They fear that the Taliban will still kill them. Taliban have urged people not to leave the country. To people’s surprise, the Taliban have also requested pilots of the Afghan army to return and fly planes again.

Now, the misunderstanding that some unidentified men have hijacked a plane that flew from Kabul airport caused unrest in the world. When the news emerged, Iran quickly denied that no captured plane landed in the country. Ukraine also denies any Plane Hijacking attempt. Nevertheless, it caused unrest for a while but after the denial of news, there is a little sigh of relief. Let’s pray that violence in Afghanistan ends soon!

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