Drone attack on Israeli Tanker by Iran near Oman

Breaking: Drone attack on Israeli tanker by Iran
⟶ Deadly drone attack on Israeli Tanker by Iran escalates conflict
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News about Iran and Israel conflict is again on the Media. Now it is more intense as there are deaths this time. On 29 July 2021, Mercer Street Tanker is allegedly attacked by Iran near the coast of Oman. It was a drone strike. Two crew members are dead in this assault. One of them is from Uk and the other is Romanian. Not only that, a Drone attack on an Israeli Tanker by Iran can further escalate the already tense Israel-Iran relations. How Israel, the USA, and Uk responded to this aggression. Is Israel calling the world to face Iran in a direct to indirect War? Let’s dive into available Details about this incident!

Drone attack on Israeli Tanker by Iran | What’s the Matter?

The death of two crew members is making rounds in the international news. Israel and Iran both are alleging Iran for the attack. An Iranian State Media mentioned that the attack on Mercer tank was in retaliation for an airstrike on a Syrian port. Israel is being accused of attacking this port.

US Military has long reported that Iran has drones that fly into the targets and explode on impact. During this time, the Mercer Street tank was in the Northern Indian ocean.

The media is reporting that the tank was sailing under the Liberian flag. The tank was traveling from Dar-es-Salam in Tanzania to Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with no cargo on board.

The vessel is owned by the Japanese and managed by Zodiac. It is an International Ship management company. It is led by Israeli shipping magnate Eyal Ofer. Its headquarter is in London. Zodiac Maritime has termed this attack as “suspected Piracy.” Iranian Media Al Alam TV said it is a response to attacking the Syrian port. Iran is supporting the Syrian government in the proxy war going on since Arab Spring.

According to the Israeli website, two drone attacks were carried out. The first one was unsuccessful. The Maritime agency is reporting that Oman sent its Air jets and a Navy ship to the location of the assault. Oman officials said the ship and its crews told us that they want to continue to sail without the need for assistance. It was the second Kamikaze drone attack that hit the tanker and two people died at the spot.

Iran is also accused of “smuggling” these kamikaze drones to Houthis and Pro-Iranian forces in the world.

Drone attack on Israeli Tanker | The USA and Uk response:

The US issued a statement that we extend our sincere condolences to the friends and families of the victims. The US State Department Spokesperson Jalina Porter told the reporters in the telephone briefing that the USA is also deeply concerned about the reports and the situation is being deeply monitored. Mercer Street has now been escorted by the USA.

Uk’s ministry of defense spokesperson said that the UK is fully aware of reports of an assault on a merchant’s vessel. The attack was near the coast of Oman. Moreover, the UK Military headquarters in the middle east are currently carrying out its investigation. Everything will be clear soon.

Also, UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) Naval authority said the incident which occurred near the Omani Island of Masirah is being investigated. UKMTO confirmed that coalition forces were assisting the vessel.

On 30 July, Zodiac Maritime announced the two deaths because of the assault. However, Media is not reporting any more injuries or deaths as of yet.

Iran has not commented on Israeli Foreign minister Yair Lapid’s allegations

Iran has allegedly attacked an Israeli tanker near Oman. It can escalate tensions in Middle East.
Iran has allegedly attacked an Israeli tanker.

Israel gave warning to Iran after the drone attack:

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid called this attack “Iranian Terrorism.” He accused Iran of unethical acts. He further said that Iran is not just Israel’s problem. He urged the world not to be silent on this serious matter. Such attacks can distort the peace in the Middle East.

Iran has an important role to play in maintaining the peace of the middle eastern region. It has an important location geographically. It is also rich in minerals and gas. Moreover, Iran has problems with the Arabs on many matters. Arabian Peninsula will also be looking into this matter carefully.

According to BBC, details are still unclear. We will know only if the investigation keeps on going transparently. A spokesperson for UK Government said that the government is investigating drone strikes.

Iran and Israel were arch-rivals for decades now. Now it seems like they have also low-key accepted Israel.

In recent months, both Iran and Israel have attacked each other vessels and traded allegations. Both countries are accusing and denying allegations made against each other. But this time it’s different. This Deadly drone attack on an Israeli Tanker allegedly by Iran has caused human casualties this time. Two people are dead this time.

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid demanded the world to pressurize Iran and take drastic steps. He further said that he is in contact with British Foreign Minister raab. After the British investigation, everything will be clear to Europe. Every vessel should move freely without any care. hat Iran did is against the freedom of movement.


The Bottom Line- The drone attack on an Israeli Tanker by Iran has escalated Middle East tensions. The Tanker was attacked near the Omani coast. This led to the deaths of two crew members. Iran is quiet on this matter. However, the USA, UK, and Israel have condemned this act. Israel has even said that the world must act against Iran. The investigations related to the incident are still going on. So, it is too soon to take any concrete action against Iran. Where will this matter go? Comment your Opinions regarding Iran’s aggression!

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